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Stephanie Avis

Moksha Life Therapies

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Experience freedom by connecting body mind & soul. A holistic healing approach-kahuna massage, reiki, yoga, bodywork, psychosomatic therapy

Moksha Life Therapies - Massage/bodywork

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Wellness Circulation Pain relief Fitness Physical pain Nurturing


Reiki is a gentle and powerful ancient healing technique. Some of the benefits of reiki Stephs clients experience are grounding and balancing energy, calming the nervous system, pain relief, connecting with inner wisdom, gaining a sense of clarity, peace, creativity, and deep meditative relaxation. Steph's treatments are unique and can include psychosomatic therapy, essential oils, crystals, yoga, and meditation. If you're in need of restoring, replenishing, and rebalancing, book in this Winter!

Special Winter Reiki Sessions $60 for 60minutes or $80 for 90minutes. Call or message to book ✨

Kahuna massage, lomi lomi massage, emotional release bodywork, deep relaxation bone and joint massage, pregnancy massage, reiki, ploynesian floor massage.

Unblock stagnant energy. Experience inner and outer clarity, prosperity, and vitality. Steph's unique blend of bodywork modalities empower you to let go, come into presence and peace, and connect with your truth. Steph does not attempt to "fix" any one, but rather to hold space and allow the intelligence of your own body and soul to engage in healing its self.  

Steph's clients leave feeling 'IN' their body, (re)connected, (re)aligned with truth, and shining the beautiful bright light of who they naturally are!

Kahuna massage and Lomi Lomi massage nourish and support to relieve the following symptoms: stress, muscular tension, injury, digestive disorders, insomnia, improve circulation, detoxify organs, improve mental health and emotional dis-ease.

Steph uses touch, breath and sound to facilitate my client's experience of letting go of tension and releasing stored emotions.

Kahuna and Lomi Lomi massage allow clients to move out of their head and into their body. When clients drop into a deep state of relaxation, they can easily release physical tension / emotion / stress & anything that no longer serves them.

Steph's aim is that her clients leave feeling heard, seen, understood, and appreciated in their wholeness.


60 minute $100

90 minute $130

120 minute $170

Kahuna and Lomi Lomi massage/ bodywork are ancient Hawaiian healing practices which help to relieve physical pain and tension, reduce stress, unblock stagnant energy, improve lymphatic drainage, calm the mind, ground energy, deep relaxation, and support pregnancy.

Steph specializes in the following Areas of massage and healing bodywork:

  • Emotional Release

  • Mind Body Connection

  • Nurturing and Grounding

  • Deep Relaxation & Mindfulness

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Embodiment

  • Physical, emotional, and energetic clearing

Gift Vouchers available.

After hours and Saturday appointments available.

To discuss the right treatment for you call 0413055553

Concession Rates Available 

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