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Dr. Samantha Jolly

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Dr. Samantha Jolly

Moreland Health Group - Osteopath

Servicing area

Brunswick, North Carlton, Fitzroy, coburg, northcote

Focus areas

Addiction Bloating Hypnotherapist Hormones Arch pain Headaches

Dr. Samantha Jolly

Qualifications and experience

I completed five years of study at RMIT. This involved the completion of a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Masters Degree. I have been practicing in Melbourne for the past 8 years with the exception of two breaks to go on maternity leave.

I am a current member of Osteopathy Australia.

B.App.Sc.(Comp Med), M.Ost


Many patients are concerned about their posture and how it may negatively impact on their spine. By looking at the way they stand, sit and move I can develop an individual treatment plan for each patient.
I can also assess any areas of weakness and prescribe an exercise program that will target the specific muscles that may be causing the problem.

Womens Health & Pregnancy

During pregnancy there are many physiological changes that take place. The most obvious one is postural.

The large change in weight distribution can put stress on the lumbar spine and pelvis primarily, with secondary stressors on other areas. Hormones released during pregnancy add to this tension by causing ligament laxity (which is a normal part of pregnancy).

Post pregnancy there will be pressure on different areas such as the upper back and neck. This may be due to poor posture during breast feeding and incorrect lifting techniques.

Osteopathic treatment and education can aid in the way the body copes with these pressures with gentle and safe techniques.

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