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Natural Energy Vibrations

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Reiki, Bio-field Tuning White light healing, Sound healing, Visceral & Cranial therapy, Crystal & Aromatherapy, Shamanic healing.

Natural Energy Vibrations

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Energy Feet Hip pain Joy Reconnection Love

Welcome to Healing with NEV – Integrated Healing
N – Natural
E- Energy
V - Vibrations

We are one with everything and everything is one with us. Natural energy exists everywhere. It is in us and all around us. When we come back into balance with ourselves and our divine essence, we realise our connection to all things. In this space healing takes place and magic happens.

I hold a very sacred space and through my hands I communicate with tissues and energy systems of the body. In this sacred space a harmonising and rebalancing occurs which allows for reconnection and reintegration on a soul level.

I open myself to all the healing energies of the universe and allow those energies to flow through my hands to aid in and enhance the healing process.

Incorporating this with the healing energies and vibrations of sound as well as the vibrations and smells of essential oils creates an integrated healing experience which is intuitively created for your own unique needs.


I’m a contemporary dancer and receive regular Physio and Osteo/Visceral treatments for my work. For some time I have had trouble finding grounding through my feet and it was something that could not quite be treated with the specialists I was visiting. Nev, however was able to connect with exactly what was going on with my energy centres and clear the blockages to help me find my grounding again. After his treatment, I found this connection again in all of my mental, spiritual and physical self and was even given methods to find and connect them myself. This is something I will always carry with me for the rest of my life. I’m so grateful to have experienced a treatment with Nev.
Katina O - Sydney


Having had ongoing back and hip pain over the last 12 months, I came to Nev hoping he could bring some resolution to my pain and a greater understanding of the process of healing for me. The space he held in listening to my story, my tissues and even my being, created a natural unravelling and a clarity around many things in my life that I was unaware had contributed to the pattern and the pain . Nev helped to remove a cloak that I didn’t even realize I had been wearing and for the first time in a long time I felt I could be me without fear or inhibitions. I left feeling truly and effortlessly myself – joyful, peaceful and free. In the weeks following, I felt my heart continue to expand and it was so much easier to quieten my mind and access my true self. My love for myself, Mother Earth and humankind continues to grow in this space of freedom. Thank you Nev, for facilitating this expansion into a place of love, clarity and freedom. I am eternally grateful, Soph.
Sophie - Melbourne

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