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Jaya Chander
Member since 2012

Jayachander Homoeopathy

Suite 1
15 Station St
Wentworthville NSW 2145

Jayachander Homoeopathy
Jaya has received accolades for his achievements both in Australia and overseas. He believes treatment should be priced for the benefit of all - if you're looking for a healer whose commitment to your health is tantamount, call the Homeopathy Plus Health Care Clinic now. 

Homeopathy Plus Health Care - Jaya Chander Madhurakavi

Who is Jaya? 

Jaya Chander Madhurakavi is from a family of renowned Homoepaths - he is a third generation Homoeopath with over 17 years experience.

Jaya holds a Bachelor's Degree of Homoeopathic medicine and surgery from a prestigious university and is a Registered Homoepath of Australia.

He has had the privilege of working with eminent Homoepathic specialists here and overseas and has developed a range of effective treatment strategies.

How can Jaya help me?

  • Price of the consultation includes the medicines

  • Can you receive a Homeopathic consultation for approximately $50 elsewhere?

  • Jaya believes that treatment should be affordable for all

  • It is Jaya's duty to pass on his 3 generations of knowledge to as many people as possible

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