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Naveen Shukla

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A Complete Holistic Bliss, We have staff of Qualified Ayurvedic Doctors and Therapist. Authentic Panchakarma setup.

Nature Care Ayurveda Yoga Detox & Rejuvention

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Welcome to Nature Care Ayurveda

More than 6,000 years ago, before there was any system of medicine implemented the connection between the body and the mind, the pioneers of INDIA developed a science of healing that we now know as, Ayurveda, meaning not just the science of medicine that heals and treats illness, but a vast science that teaches us how to live life, how to prevent diseases and restore balance without having any negative side effects.

Ayurveda is specifically designed as a body of wisdom to create balance and harmony between the mental, physical and spiritual levels of health. Here in Sydney, Nature Care Ayurveda provides a diverse range of authentic individual centred Ayurvedic treatments and Rejuvenative therapies.


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3 Services


1hr 10min
Ayurvedic & Whole Body Massage
$150 Per session

ABHYANGA (AYURVEDIC HERBAL OIL MASSAGE) Therapy Sydney Abhyanga is one of the first treatment many of you undoubtedly already experienced. It is the comprehensive and calming Ayurvedic body massage with specific warm herbal oils. Abhyanga helps to loosen

Ayurveda Consultation

$120 Per session

A complete history taking to know imbalances by using tools PULSE ANALYSIS, TONGUE ANALYSIS


  • Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (6 Years)

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