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With 8 years of experience and passionate about helping individuals reach their health goals in the comfort of their own home or workplace!

Naturopath To You

Servicing area

Brisbane, South Brisbane, Logan, Redlands, North Gold Coast

Focus areas

Headaches Wellbeing Anxiety Complementary Stress Management Love

About Us

Evidence based medicine at its finest, as Leisa is highly experienced in many different health concerns including digestive complaints, fertility / women's health, stress, anxiety, depression, thyroid disorders, autoimmune conditi

Naturopath to you allows you to stay in the comfort of your own home or workplace and have your health assessed at your convenience. There are many positives to having Leisa - your Naturopath come to you.

  • You don’t need to go anywhere

  • No babysitter required

  • Saves time

  • Only takes 1 hour out of your day

  • Consultation in your lunch break at work

About Leisa

I experienced extremely painful headaches all of my high schooling life. Along with leaky gut, cold sores, hormonal imbalances and congested skin. I had seen many different doctors and even had a CT scan. It wasn't until I saw a Naturopath who took many factors into consideration, cleaned up my diet, gave supplement support and taught me a lot about my own body. I saw what impact diet has on every biochemical reaction within the body and I wanted to learn more!

The more I found out, the more I wanted to become a Naturopath myself. With some encouragement from my beautiful science teacher at school (who is now also a Naturopath) and my parents. I decided to give it a go! I even wrote an essay saying why I want a career in Natural Medicine to go in the running for a university scholarship, and won a half scholarship! I studied a four-year degree – Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. Here I am 7 years later and my love for natural medicine is strong and always want to keep up to date with evidence based research. I am a qualified Naturopath registered through the Complementary Medicine Association.

My goal

  • To give you an understanding of what is occurring in your own body

  • For you to take responsibility of your own level of health and what it is you need to focus on for your own wellbeing.

  • To encourage and support you in your health journey while you make positive changes for a happy healthy life!

I am very passionate about educating my clients about food and living a healthy lifestyle. I have previously practiced in Toowoomba and Brisbane.

Mobile Naturopath Services


Leisa wants to educate her clients about looking at the ingredients in the food their consuming. She also encourages her clients to not give up on the foods they love to eat, but make healthier natural alternatives. She believes it’s important to have balance in life, especially when it comes to nutrition.

VEGA Testing

The VEGA Machine may detect:

  • Nutrient deficiencies

  • Organ dysfunction

  • Food sensitivity

  • Pathogens

  • Toxicity

  • Chemicals

  • Genetic predispositions

VEGA Testing is a non-invasive technique. The results obtained are used in conjunction with other assessment tools to formulate a thorough treatment plan for you.

Food Intolerance Testing

Food Detective™ is a tool to detect an immune response to a certain food/s. It requires a small amount of blood from a finger- prick and in 40 minutes the results will show on the tray. Food detective should not be mistaken for food allergy testing.

Food intolerances can be quite painful and debilitating. If a food intolerance is present, the food/s can easily be removed from the diet to get you feeling well again.

Herbal Medicine

Leisa prescribes liquid herbal extracts in her business, which are produced by the highest quality natural therapy companies for easy absorption and results.

Majority of my clients take liquid herbs and find them extremely effective for treatment of a variety of different health concerns.

Weight Loss

Leisa can formulate a safe and effective Weight Loss Program to suit your health status and goals.

  • Weight loss program tailored to your individual needs

  • Diet and Lifestyle advice

  • On-going support during your Weight Loss journey

  • Underlying health concern support

  • Safe weight loss

  • Detoxification


Leisa prescribes nutritional and herbal medicine supplements of the highest quality. These are supported by evidence based medicine and specific to your health needs.

These high quality products require a professional script by Leisa to ensure the correct product is administered along with dosage requirements.

Iridology Service

Iridology is the science of analysing the structure, texture and colour of the many thousands of nerve fibres, microscopic blood vessels, lymphatic system, muscles and other tissue which make up the eye. Analysis can determine inflammation, congestion, tissue health and vitality within the body. Iridology is another assessment tool to take into consideration with other investigations.

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