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Northern Beaches Hypnosis Clinic

Skye Flowstreym

Manly NSW 2095

Servicing area: Manly, Northern Beaches


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Northern Beaches Hypnosis Clinic
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Northern Beaches Hypnosis Clinic has practices in both Narrabeen and Manly, where you'll be looked after by our principal practitioner Skye Flowstreym.

About Northern Beaches Sydney Hypnosis Clinic

FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULTATION - call us to find out more

Most of us have habits we'd be better off without and personal issues we need to resolve. They appear subtly and progressively, intruding into your life until they become a problem. Such behaviours are largely programmed and reinforced by your subconscious mind, becoming firmly rooted over time.

The good news is that what your subconscious can do can also be undone utilising hypnosis applied as hypnotherapy. NLP, Life Coaching and even Past Life Regression Therapy can be used to help you improve your life, so why not give us a call today and discover the benefits of these techniques for yourself.

Services On Offer

    • Hypnotherapy


    • NLP


    • Past Life Regression


    • Life Coaching


Give us a call on 0402 006 985 to discuss the best techniques for your needs.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping others become self-empowered and free through Hypnotherapy, so that they can make the changes they desire to bring about greater quality of life.

Clinic Locations

Manly Hypnosis Clinic:
47a The Corso
Manly NSW, 2095

Narrabeen Hypnosis Clinic:
49 Powder Works Road
North Narrabeen NSW, 2101

About Me - Skye Ernest Flowstreym

Northern Beaches Hypnosis Clinic has practices at Narrabeen and Manly where you'll be looked after by our principal, Skye Flowstreym.

Skye is a leading hypnotherapist who offers a wide range of hypnosis and NLP-based services.

Holding a Government accredited Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NL (Neuro-Linguistic Programming); Skye is also a qualified hypnotherapy trainer.

A clinical Member of The Australian Hypnotherapist Association and The International Hypnosis Federation, he also holds a Diploma of Modern Wellness Psychology and is an accredited Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

Skye's clients include Virgin Active, Fitness First, Qantas and Nokia. He also ran a successful stop smoking program for Sydney Water... assisting groups of up to 30 people.

He is confident in his trained and natural ability to utilise modern hypnosis to assist you making the changes you want.


"As someone who has always battled with my weight most of my life I recently experienced Hypnosis with Skye to try and win the fight!. At first i was extremely sceptical about the process and also a little anxious .

I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have done in my life. Skye's professionalism and reassurance about the process of hypnosis was very comforting.

I have never done anything like hypnosis before but can truthfully say it has changed my life. I not only have lost a considerable amount of weight but it has changed my whole outlook towards food and my choices. I no longer crave chocolates and sweets and do not even consider them a part of my life.

For anyone who is considering hypnosis, I would say it is AMAZING and very worthwhile and relaxing experience!"

- Angela Banning

"Hypnotherapy helped me overcome my insomnia. I am now sleeping soundly every night. Thank you, Skye, for your help."

- Rhianon

"After my first session with Skye, I felt like a better person both physically and mentally. His ability to connect with people on so many levels is amazing and I felt very comfortable with him."

- Jo, Manly, Sydney

For more information about any of the professional services on offer or to organise your next consultation, just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today to talk to Skye.


Qualification Details

Master N.L.P & Clinical Hypnotherapists
Members of Australian Hypnotherapists Association

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