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NEURO P/L Dynamic Breakthroughs Clinic

Servicing area: Parramatta, New South Wales

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My name is Chantale Dandan, I was in a severe car crash about 8 years ago, this story actually featured on channel 7 and channel 9 NEWS, where a stolen car hit my house in the middle of the night while my whole family was sleep.


The car was travelling so fast that it hit the curb and overturned slamming straight into my sons bedroom. With this impact, my whole house was actually shaking. I woke up sreaming................... and worse, the car had landed ontop of my sons bed.


I ran to my sons bedroom ..... only to find the room totally destroyed, all I could see, was the dust settling as the rubble lay on top of my sons bed......... I could hear the sound of the devastation as it settled in the room, but I couldn't hear my son, I couldn't see him, I could only feel panic. I shoved my hands inside the rubble to move the timber and debris to find my son, and when I did, I thank God I found him safe and sound still in his bed.........................BUT THE IMPACT OF THIS SIGNIFICANT EMOTIONAL EVENT NEVER LEFT ME.

I know what it's like having lived through several traumas, and I know that nothing I was offered at the time helped me to fully recover, until I found NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING.It helped me release the negative feelings associated to the event, it helped me become stronger, it helped me focus on the positive instead of the negative. through the process of ANCHORING (a phycological tool) I no longer suffer from post traumatic stress and I live a happy life NOW.

THIS CAN HAPPEN FOR YOU TOO all you have to do is make that decision that you want your life to change, it all begins with a decision and the determination to get your life back on track.

I'm not only recovered, but as I also know how good these techniques are, I went ahead and studied Neuro Linguistic Programming, then Masters, and Trainer, its my personal testimony that lead me to these powerful techniques that are also available to you. I now have devoted my life to others in many different areas to help them live the life they deserve, free from stress, free from many issues, like addictions, post traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, weight issues. I go behind the scenes and look for the root cause of your issue so that when you are free of your problem, you really will BE FREE!!!!

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Qualification details

  • Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Master Coach

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Empowerment Coaching // Neuro Linguistic Programming Timeline therapy // Neurological repatterning

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