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Newlife Studio Pilates

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Newlife Studio Pilates is unique and we are totally passionate about this true blend of human movement.

About Us


About Andree

Andree Lupton is a Certified Professional Pilates Instructor and brings with her 30 years teaching experience within the fitness Industry.

Andree comes from a sporting background and this has continued into her professional life as a level 3 Personal trainer/aerobics instructor and she realised the need for sharing her knowledge in specialised body work that Professional Pilates is and the need for delivering this knowledge is her promise to society.

Andree trained with the Pilates Fitness Institute/ Pilates international training centre and Body Organics to become a Certified Professional Pilates Instructor.

Newlife Studio Pilates maintains the method of body conditioning taught by Joseph Pilates and works in all planes of movement in a state of the art studio setting.

We will broaden your understanding of the principles and origins of Pilates and expand your repertoire skills and knowledge to fully appreciate the intelligence and genius of Pilates work as a systemic model.
If you have a fitness goal and any recurring injuries that is affecting your success in your chosen field then enlighten your curiosity and book in for a professional Pilates session at Newlife Studio Pilates.
Bring back your independence and freedom and return to a fully functioning body.

I am a level 3 Personal Sports Trainer with Fitness Australia, Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction, Nutrition for exercise, Diploma of Sports Massage, 28 years experience in fitness and I consult with many clients daily in their drive towards making positive changes to their mind body and soul.

Newlife Studio Pilates is unique and we are totally passionate about this true blend of human movement. You will receive the highest degree of supervision in our profession, ensuring safety and attention with amazing results. Pilates is for all ages and gender and it is never too late to start your new life!!!!!!

About Studio Pilates

Explore the Pilates method in our spacious, fully equipped studio. The class format means that you will be working on all the Pilates equipment including the Cadillac, Reformer, Arc Barrel, Ladder Barrel, Mat, Wunda Chair, Springboard, Foam Roller, Theraband, Spikey Ball, Magic Circle and various other props as required by your level, requirement and goals. Your program will be progressed or regressed to give you the best possible results and help take your Pilates practice to the next level.

Opening hours:

tues 6am 8pm
wed 6am 5pm
thurs 6am 8pm
fri 6am 2pm
Weekend by appointment

How do I choose the right Pilates Instructor/Studio
  1. All Professional Pilates Instructors must have an accreditied Pilates Qualification in Mat, Reformer, Pregnancy and Studio pilates.
  2. Ensure that all Professional Pilates Intructors are recognised by the Pilates Alliance Australasia
    Look for the Logo so you know that the instructor is recognised by the
    Australian Pilates Industry Association. This will ensure that you are being taught by a highly qualified Pilates Professional and that you can trust with your body.

    Call us on today to find out more or reach us through the 'Make an Enquiry' form.

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Newlife Studio Pilates Newlife Studio Pilates is unique and we are totally passionate about this true blend of human movement.