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Sep 2013

Newlife Studio Pilates

Contact Name Andree Lupton
Mobile 0403 122 629
Address Dunsborough WA 6281
Newlife Studio Pilates is unique and we are totally passionate about this true blend of human movement.

Newlife Studio Pilates

Pilates is for everyone. Suitable for all ages and abilities we will educate you, build strength, flexibility and lean muscle with the emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine, rather than on bulking and shortening the muscles.

Pilates has a focus on the core known as your “powerhouse”, the essential intrinsic muscles are your Transverse Abdominis, Pelvic Floor and Multifidus muscles which we learn to train as part of the pilates method.

Because of this focus, Pilates is popular not only in the field of fitness but also in many rehabilitation programs which can be simple movements that represent daily activities. Because of the particular focus on core strengthening, improving your posture and prevention of back, neck and joint pain, Pilates can be used to progress individuals to a perfect working body.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of Pilates are endless and will astound you of how you will feel after just one session. You can expect overall slimming, improved flexibility and increased mobility. Alignment and postural correction will have you standing taller, sitting straighter, better balance, coordination and holding your body differently. Also improvement to pelvic floor function, bone density and lung capacity with the lateral breathing technique used in Pilates.

Each person will feel inner strength and a more heightened body awareness , which will inspire you to a newfound enlightenment to train yourself with efficiency to have more energy,a clear focussed mindset and a body that feels strong and in control after your challenging workout.

Pilates also gives you positive effects on all your body systems which stimulates and eliminates toxins and waste, Your digestion will improve and your metabolic rate increases for an overall booster to your immune system.

Strictly by Appoinment

Costs: $30 casual paid in advance after initial class
Buy block of 11 for $300
Private by appointment
Private health rebates Provider No. 90901

Strictly 24 hours notice must be given if you wish to cancel otherwise you will be charges at our discretion.

All workouts must be booked in advance

Call us on today to find out more or reach us through the 'Make an Enquiry' form.


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About Us Newlife Studio Pilates is unique and we are totally passionate about this true blend of human movement.

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