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Advance Kinesiology
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Nov 2012

Nicky Beschi

Contact Name Nicky Beschi
Phone 0438 887 400
Address Frankston South VIC
Specialising in anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, pain and learning difficulties. The techniques I use are some of the most powerful and effective techniques available today!

Nicky Beschi

Do you want to restore balance to your body naturally? Through muscle testing we can uncover the cause! Your body has a network of systems and energies that when compromised create pain, anxiety, illness and challenges with focus and concentration. When balanced these symptoms disappear and your energy and vitality are restored.

Kinesiology works with all ages including pregnant women and newborns.

What is Kinesiology?

We look at you body as a whole. Your body will be balanced when functionally optimally. Your body will regulate information in a organised and efficient manner and you will be free from illness and pain. When we have imbalances such as immune system break downs, developmental delay, disease, mental / emotional issues, focus and attention problems and stress there is always a reason why!

Gentle muscle testing is an amazing tool which allows the practitioner to gain access to the brain to find out why these imbalances are occurring. We can find out if the issue is structural, biochemical, emotional or energetic in nature. Often it is combination.

• Structural problems can include; muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, organs, glands, reflexes, brain and cells.

• Biochemical reactions includes foods, vitamins, minerals, pollutions, heavy metals, toxins, vaccinations, candida, paracites, bacteria’s, fungus and viruses

• Emotional blocks, sabotages and deeply ingrained patterns which prevent us from reaching our full potential.

• Electrical imbalances; can present as blocks in the energy fields of the body. These can include Chakras, Meridians and the communication from neurons within the brain to the nervous system. If there are disconnected circuits or disruptions in the energy flow the body will not function efficiently.

Brain Integration
When we respond to a fight flight situation, be it trauma, challenges in our career, bullying, a car accident or a significant event. Your brain responds immediately to keep you alive. You are thrown into a deep survival mode which can become deeply imbedded in your brain creating fear, threat, danger, depression, anger or frustration. We can access this deep survival response by using formats and clearing it using accupressure points on your body.

Neuro Organisation Technique
NOT was developed by Dr Carl Ferreri. He worked on the principles that the body and its multitude of functions work like a computer with specific programs. Some programs were built in and others were developed or learned through experiences. Sometimes these programs are damaged or corrupted due to physical, emotional or chemical stress. By using muscle testing and NOT we can discover the cause and reboot the entire neurology of the body to reactivate and re-organise the nervous system.

Reflex Integration for Children and Adults
Primitive Reflex integration is essential for children and adults to function optimally. These reflexes begin to integrate in utero and continue integrating through a variety of movements after birth. When these reflexes aren’t integrated properly many challenges can emerge. These may include ADD, ADHD, Autism, learning difficulties, developmental delay, sensory, audio and visual challenges, lack of confidence, trouble focus and maintaining attention, addiction and feelings of overwhelm? Through muscle testing and the bodies ability to give feedback we can track down which reflexes are active and provide the exercises to integrate them.

Allergy Balancing Technique
Is combination of Western and Eastern techniques that balances the body against allergies and Intolerance. Using Chiropractic and Chinese principles through applied spinal manipulation, kinesiology, acupressure and nutrition, the body is able to restore balance naturally. The allergen is cleared emotionally, biochemically, structurally and energetically. Making this one of the most effective treatments available today.

What can be treated?
Allergies, food intolerances, hay fever, eczema, vitamins & minerals, chemicals, detergents, heavy metals, animal dander’s, radiation, alcohol, asthma, arthritis, organs, muscles, brain function, Virus, Bacteria, Parasites, vaccinations. The list is extraordinary.

How Many Consultations?
This depends very much on the individual and their goals. Generally the client needs 3 to 6 visits. It is recommended that you have routine consultations approximately 4 times a year to ensure you health and wellbeing are maintained.

Qualifications and Modalities
  • Brain Integration
  • Neuro Organisation Technique
  • Touch for Health
  • Rythmic Movements to integrated Reflexes (fantastic for children)
  • Nutrition, Allergy / Food intolerances
  • Herbs
  • Weight Management
  • Working with emotions
  • Defusing Limiting Beliefs and sabotage programs
  • Eight extra meridians
  • SIPS (stress indicator points for muscle, ligament, tendon, lymphatic stress)
  • 7 Chi Keys (chakra balancing)
  • Transforming DNA in Delta Theta
  • Biokenetics

The possibilities with Kinesiology are limitless! Phone Nicky today to book your consultation 0438 887 446.

Qualification Details

Diploma in Kinesiology
Bachelor Applied Science

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