Nikola Wilkie Naturopath

Nikola Wilkie Naturopath

3B/151 Martyn st
Cairns QLD 4870

Servicing area: Cairns, Queensland

Focus area: Telehealth


Getting You Back On Track


Sharing your story of health changes is personal and significant. Suggestions that I make will flex to suit your needs, your budget and your palate. Throughout 20 years of practice I have seen how simple it is to get your health back on track. We will chat, I will offer you information, we will work together to have you feel better when you leave than when you arrived. It has taken many years for you to get to this point, allow several weeks to get yourself back on track.


I want you to know what’s going on and why. That way you can start to get a grasp on how to manage your own health. We can do a full consultation where we discuss your specific issue and tailor it to your personal situation. (allow 2 hours) Group discussions are fun where the topic of health is your choice. As a group you may decide to want to know more about food choices; gut health; cleansing; how to be happy even when you are under stress; the vaccination debate or how do you know what health information to believe. If you want something different just name a topic you want to cover.

I also conduct group classes teaching how to use Tissue Salts. These are minerals prepared in a homoeopathic form that are safe, economical and effective. They can be used to address a wide range of health issues empowering self-care.

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Nikola Wilkie Naturopath