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Natural Health Care for the whole family specialising in Neuro Energetic Kinesiology, Psychosomatic Therapy, Emotional Trigger Point Release, Access Bars, Intuitive/Energetic Healing, Energy and Space Clearings, Reiki, Spiritual Wellness Coaching

Nunyara Holistic Therapies - Kinesiology

Welcome to Nunyara Holistic Therapies


Kinesiology helps with the following:-

  • Stress Management
  • Depression
  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Allergies/Asthma
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Joint & Structural Problems
  • Fatigue
  • Life Direction/Purpose

Kinesiology is a simple, non-invasive, powerful and effective technique to balance the Mind, Body and Spirit.

If you can, imagine a square with four equal sides as an illustration of the whole being. The first side of the square representing the physical/structural; second side representing mental/emotional; third side representing nutritional/environmental; and the fourth side representing the soul/spiritual aspects of our being.

When all sides of the square (whole being) are equal meaning balanced then life flows easily and we can maintain our spiritual direction. That would be in the ‘perfect’ world and unfortunately there are many issues, causes and effects of our day to day life that can bring either one or more sides of the square out of balance. This imbalance then creates disharmony in the body and allows the potential for dis-ease and disconnection to our life’s purpose.

Kinesiology accesses, via muscle testing, any imbalances of energy which may exist in the body. This is due to the fact that each of us has a blueprint (energy field/subconscious) which has a memory of everything that has ever happened to us. Many memories you will not be consciously be aware of but at a subconscious level they will be there. The stress is taken off and the energy is then brought back into balance through a series of various correction techniques and then the body is able to heal itself on all levels.

Some of the tools I use to enhance correction techniques are tuning forks, flower essences (Bach, Bush & Desert Alchemy), Young Living essential oils, crystals, sound, colour and energy clearing techniques.


Then study one of the most exciting streams of Kinesiology with the Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Institute.

Founded by Hugo Tobar, one of the world's modern leaders of Kinesiology, NK Institute Australia offers an accredited 10831NAT Certificate IV in Energy Kinesiology, HLT52415 Diploma of Kinesiology  and 10125NAT Advanced Diploma of Neuroenergetic Kinesiology as well as advanced trainings in Neruoenergetic Kinesiology.

Hugo's work, Neuorenergetic Kinesiology, is now considered a major force in modern Kinesiology, with practitioners of his method all over the world. He has written over 30 courses and continues his prolific development of material that also had a deep impact in other areas of Kinesiology such as LEAP system by Charles Krebs PhD.

Learn a Simple, Non-invasive & Effective Technique to Balance, Mind, Body and Spirit… for anyone who is interested in helping themselves, family, friends or furthering their career in Kinesiology…

Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology is a Natural Health Care system which combines muscle monitoring with the principles of Chinese Medicine and Indian Philosophies to assess energy and body function, applying a range of gentle, yet powerful healing techniques to improve health, wellbeing and vitality on all levels.

Kinesiology can be learned easily by all people who are concerned with personal development and growth as well as being geniunely interested in supporting others on their healing journey. It is an excellent tool to help ourselves, family, friends and others manage everyday stresses which include physical/structural, mental/emotional, nutritional/environmental and soul spiritual imbalances causing disharmony and dis-ease to manifest in the physical body.

For more information in relation to course structure and dates please send your enquiry through this website or contact Marie on 0417 621 209.

I am a Qualified Trainer/Assessor for NK Institute of Certificate IV in Energy Kinesiology  and the Diploma of Kinesiology and courses are being run each year on the Sunshine Coast.


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Registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner, Instructor of Cert IV in Energy Kinesiology and Diploma of Kinesiology for NK Institute Australia, Psychosomatic Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner

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