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Functional Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is an effective natural treatment

Functional Herbal therapy describes a new system of Western herbal prescribing that draws on the modern concept of functional medicine, but it is also rooted in traditional herbal wisdom. It embraces the phytochemistry in individual herbs and how that can be used to make corrective changes for better health. 

Functional Herbal Medicine is a highly effective treatment option utilising modern scientific herbal practices backed up by as many as 30,000 published clinical trials. This validates our understanding of the traditional uses, therapeutic constituents, actions and interactions of each herb. Herbal Medicine can be used to treat both acute and chronic or complex health conditions. 

Nurtura Health carries a large dispensary of liquid and tabletted herbal remedies, scientifically assayed for the highest quality active ingredients and effectiveness. The benefit of using the whole herb versus an extract or isolate is the synergy of the active ingredients of the whole plant which increases effectiveness without side effects. 

Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation)

Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation) is a safe, gentle and highly effective therapy for cleansing the colon of accumulated waste material.

At Nurtura Health we believe the state of the digestive system has a significant relationship with physical and emotional wellbeing and vitality. Medical research is now linking the origin of many chronic dis-eases to a poor functioning digestive system. In particular, the link between gut health, gut microbial diversity, immune response, energy and mood levels.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have regular bowel movements and still be constipated. Accumulated wastes, mucus and gas in the colon may compromise healthy peristaltic action, resulting in incomplete though frequent bowel movements. If health is compromised by your body’s failure to eliminate waste, healing may be enhanced by supporting and regaining healthy elimination.

Nurtura Health has offered Colon Hydrotherapy since 1993. Colin and Olive Harris have undertaken advanced training in Australia and the USA; are both certified in Colon Hydrotherapy and have trained other Practitioners. Jess, Remedial Massage Therapist and certified Colon Hydrotherapist, has been doing colonic irrigation at Nurtura Health since 2014.

Nurtura Health features a defined and private treatment area with two custom-built treatment rooms with modern ‘closed system’ colonic equipment to meet the latest standards from the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy. For hygiene, all tubing and speculums are in enclosed single-use packs and disposable. A Practitioner is in attendance for the treatment, which is safe, discreet, hygienic and effective. You may benefit from Colon Hydrotherapy if you have:

  • Constipation or diverticulosis
  • Bloating, irritable bowel syndrome
  • Diarrhea, incontinence or urgency
  • Headaches or chronic pain
  • Difficulty losing or gaining weight
  • Fluid retention or dehydration
  • Acne, skin rashes
  • Fatigue, lack of concentration

Many have found that the positive effects gained from Colon Hydrotherapy go beyond relief from their digestive and bowel issues and regularly comment on having more energy; feeling mentally clearer; having fewer headaches, clearer skin and less inflammation. They feel motivated to make other positive dietary and lifestyle changes, resulting in further improvement of their health and vitality. Our Naturopaths are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health, energy and enjoyment of life.

Talk to the Nurtura Health team to learn more about how Colon Hydrotherapy might help you reach your health potential and schedule an appointment today.

Bowen Therapy

Nurtura Health clients have been getting relief from pain and discomfort, and improved health outcomes with the integration of Bowen Therapy into their treatment plans since 1993. Bowen is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue (fascia) therapy. It uses subtle inputs (known as moves) to the body, stimulating the body to heal itself, often profoundly. Bowen Therapy can provide relief for many types of injuries and other health problems, both acute and chronic. It works holistically, via the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Bowen Therapy delivers signals to the nervous system at specific locations on muscles, tendons, ligaments, or nerves. The body responds in its own time, within its vital capacity.

Bowen Therapy addresses the entire body, by restoring balance via the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS controls over 80% of bodily functions and is very susceptible to stressors. Most people today live in a constant state of high stress and over-stimulation (fight, flight, freeze mode). Healing can occur after the ANS shifts from stressed to rest, relax, repair mode.

The Bowen technique is safe to use on anyone, from newborns to the elderly and for any musculoskeletal or related neuromuscular complaint. The therapist uses light, cross-fibre moves over muscle, tendon or ligament with no forceful manipulation. A treatment will typically last between 30 minutes and one hour. The Naturopath may leave the room for periods of two to five minutes at a time during treatment. This allows your body to respond. As the nervous system begins to adjust the tension levels in the muscles or connective tissue, treatment will continue.

Bowen is not an ongoing therapy. The person may experience relief after just the first session and significant resolution or recovery within three sessions. However, chronic or long-standing conditions or repeat injury may require additional treatments.

  • Headaches, neck and shoulder tension
  • Sciatica, low back pain
  • Shin splints, Achilles tendon tightness
  • Tennis elbow and carpal tunnel
  • Bedwetting in children
  • Relief of tension and stress
  • Colic and restlessness in babies
  • Infertility

Nurtura Health has purpose-designed beds for Bowen Therapy to aid in relaxation during treatment for the best outcome. Clients report the experience as relief of pain and, improvement in function and recovery of energy.

Would you like to try a session of Bowen Therapy? Contact our team to see how it can help you.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a modality that incorporates numerous techniques to locate and treat musculoskeletal imbalances and chronic or acute pain. It involves the manipulation of soft tissues for therapeutic purposes. It may be applied for any of the following:

  • Alleviating discomfort in the body’s musculoskeletal system
  • Improving the function of joints and muscles
  • Activating the body’s rehabilitation and healing response
  • Promote blood flow and drainage to injured areas
  • Reducing tension and stress, physical and emotional
  • Reducing damaged cells, scar tissue and adhesions from injury

Remedial massage has been found to be particularly useful for neck and shoulder discomfort; lower back pain; tension; headaches; sore joints and congestion.

Our Therapists can modify remedial massage to suit your preferences. It is often requested to support relaxation and relieve stress and tension associated with day-to-day lifestyle pressures at home or at work.

Would you like to try a session of Remedial Massage? Contact our team to see how it can help you.

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage or lymphatic drainage is a gentle, flowing massage used to stimulate the circulation of lymph fluid around the body. It improves circulation, increases your metabolic rate, and has the potential to enhance your immunity. It is very beneficial in post-operative conditions or injuries that impact your lymphatic system.

Lymphatic drainage massage makes a useful addition to cleansing, detox and weight-loss programs. By reducing the volume of retained fluid and the associated pressure, it can reduce the risk of impeded circulation. This volume reduction increases your circulatory system’s capacity to move out retained fluids and any toxic waste build-up rapidly. In some cases, we have found that a patient feels quite “energised” post-drainage. Some of the conditions which may benefit from Lymphatic Massage are:

  • Chronic fluid retention in legs or arms
  • Fibromyalgia and lupus
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Hormonal and Emotional imbalances
  • Cellulite fat accumulation
A lymphatic massage session will take from thirty minutes up to one and a half hours with focus on a particular limb or body part or full body as needed. Essential oils are used according to the desired effect and the individual client.

Would you like to try a session of Lymphatic Massage? Contact our team to see how it can help you.

Disclaimer: The advice on this website is of a general nature only and Nurtura Health expressly disclaims all liability arising out of the improper use of the information provided. Nurtura Health actively discourages any self-diagnosis or self-medication. Please consult your health practitioner regarding these important health issues.</span style>

Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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