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Welcome to Omveda Ayurvedic beauty and skin care

Made from pure ayurvedic herbs, cultivated and grown in the traditional way, from the country where 5000 years ago the sages transcended higher knowledge, bringing to us ephemeral but eternal health and beauty. It is the science of life and timeless knowledge that is being revived today. Many claim ayurvedic knowledge and practice, but few have sought original formulations from the land where the vedas were written.

OmVeda brings to you a range of products from the heart of ayurvedic writings offering the goodness of herbs, flowers, natural minerals, extracts of wood, root and bark specially selected to bring alive skin and hair.

The herbs that are used are the same as those taken internally.

The principles remain the same- cleansing, toning and nourishing – for internal and external health. The scent and colour of the products reflect the ingredients used in them. Open a bottle or jar, you will see the freshness, smell the natural ingredients and feel the difference.

Most consumers today are well informed and selective about their choice of skin and hair care. Many of the herbs used are not commonly known, and for that reason OmVeda provides training on a regular basis to those who stock the products.

We know that the products will provide goodness and noticeable change to various external conditions. Most Indians believe in Karma and for that reason we can categorically state that no animal or being has been harmed in the manufacture of these products. There are no artificial perfumes, synthetic substitutes or animal by-products that require killing. True beauty is a reflection of the inner and outer. Ayurveda is about balance. Balance is achieved by determining a person’s dosha or constitution. Ayurvedic skin and hair care provides balance to the skin through the properties of the herbs.


Ayurveda literally means “science of longevity”. Veda translates to knowledge, and ayu to longevity. The Vedas were handed down by sages some 5000 years ago and include all aspects of the mind, body and spirit. It literally is a way of life, which includes the way we think, act, feel and interrelate to our environment. All organic living bodies – vegetable, mineral and animal kingdom were created from earth. All matter is born from the womb of the five elements


Ayurveda, is entirely based on the laws of nature. Ayurveda considers Man as a miniature replica or small model of the Universe. The theory of macrocosm – micorcosm continuum’ (Loka – purusha.samya) is the most important principle of Ayurveda. The man and the universe are made up of five basic elements called as ‘Panchamahabhuta’. They are akasha (ether / space), vayu (air / motion), teja (fire / rediant energy), ap (water / cohesive factor) and prithvi (Earth / mass). The individual (purusha) and the universe (toka) remain in constant interaction with each other. They derive and draw materials from each other to maintain their normality and homoestasis.

Human Constitution

The five elements manifest in the human body as three principles or humors, known as Tridosha:

Air + Ether = Vata
Fire + Water = Pitta
Earth + Water = Kapha

Together they govern all biological, physiological and physiopathological functions – when out of balance they contribute to the disease process. In order to live we need each of the elements, but there is usually a dominant quality in each one of us. The best way to determine our overall Prakruti or constitution is to consult an Ayurvedic Doctor who will be able to determine your unique individual constitution. In the case of skin and hair treatments, we are best to focus on the presenting qualities of the elements known as Vikruti – as that is the presenting condition. As seasons change, our lifestyles change, so does our conditional constitution – this is known Vikruti.

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