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OmVeda extends its line of prescriptive herbal ayurvedic massage oils renowned for their ability to help relieve stressed muscles, sports induced stiffness, joint aches and dry and irritated skin.

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OmVeda Balasvagandhadhi taila 100mls

The rejuvenating properties of this thailam (oil) helps to strengthen and tone the muscles and nerves. Recommended for nervous conditions, muscular dystrophy, emaciation and debilitation. Promotes wellness and rejuvenation.

OmVeda Mahanarayana Tailam 100ml

Made according to the Classical formulation set out in the ancient texts comprising 58 herbs of the highest quality. Its effectiveness and authencity are unparalled.

Mahanarayan oil is recognised in Ayurveda for being particularly useful in treating a wide variety of Vata disorders, including joint aches and pains. It is also widely used in Shirodhara and Basti treatments.

OmVeda Eladi Oil 100mls

Made from 25 ayurvedic herbs like cardamom, cinnamamon, snow lotus from the Himalayas. Eladi Oil can help to reduce the effects of dermatitis and other inflammatory skin conditions.

OmVeda Sahacharadi Tailum 100mls

Unique Ayurvedic formulation which can help to relieve sciatic pain and lower back pains.

OmVeda Prasuya Natal Care Oil 100mls

An ancient ayurvedic formulation used by the women of Kerala to help maintain a healthy skin, reduce stretch marks and give relief from aches and pains. For pre-natal care gently massage part OR whole body from six months of pregnancy to help get relief from cramping pain, lumbago, varicose vein and stretch mark. And as post-natal care-use from the third day of delivery onwards (In caesarian, use only after healing) for the pro-delivery fatigue.

OmVeda Kheerabala Oil 100mls

Genaral massage oil for head and neck. Helps mental serenity, calmness and concentration of mind.

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