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Want acupuncture but dislike needles
Headaches | Migraines | Insomnia
Rebalance body systems | organ functioning
Release trauma | stress | physical tension
Work with deeper layers of body health
Fibromyalgia | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



Acupressure is the same as Acupuncture, but uses finger pressure instead of needles. The Acupoints are the same.

Ally, Pain Relief Lady enjoys the direct-touch method as it is more accurate and effective providing immediate feedback about the activity of each Acupoint.

Acupoints form a map from head to toe to treat every aspect of health, including muscle pain, illness, organ dysfunction, and mental health.

This treatment is very effective for adults and newborns with signs of pain or distress.

As a treatment series you will find great improvement in your condition, as each treatment addresses the different factors contributing to your pain.

Acupoints are located on 14 meridians with more than 400 acupoints in the body. They correspond to organs, physiological processes, hormones, muscles, nerves and so on.

The acupoints stimulate the flow or 'qi' (also written as 'chi') along the meridians to bring balance and harmony to your body systems, restore function to nerves and muscles, and release physical and emotion tension held in the body.

Meridians are channels of communication in the body. If the flow of  'qi' becomes blocked, stagnates or is depleted then the body as an overall ecosystem is out of balance.

When this happens then illness and disease result.

Conditions treatable with Acupressure are numerous from migraines, insomnia, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, problems conceiving, physical pain and more.

Acupressure and Natural Fertility

Pain Relief Lady has great success in treating women wishing to fall pregnant when there is no medical reason preventing pregnancy but you are still not pregnant. She also has great results with women who have endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), irregular periods and older women who are peri-menopausal or in menopause.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine or CM dates back more than 4000 years in practice and continual development.

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Certified Practitioner Five Element Acupressure by The Acupressure Centre

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