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Pain Relief Lady

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Pain Relief Lady

When physical pain affects mental health
Strategies and tools to cope
Understanding your path to recovery
Expressing feelings that scare your family
Mastering your way out of chronic pain

Pain Relief Counselling / Coaching

Pain Relief Counselling / Coaching

Living with pain is not what you were born to do.

If having recurring or chronic pain is wearing you down physically, mentally, and emotionally you are normal. There is a reason torture is used in war - because it breaks a person's spirit.

It is important to note the signs of pain changing how you are as a person and to take action. Having someone outside your family and outside your social circle. Someone who has heard the worst feeling states of many people in similar pain predicaments as you and will not think any less of you by hearing how you are truly feeling and also being able to hold the space when you are not coping today, or not coping at all.

Medical professionals often site physical pain as "something that is in your head" as they have not been able to find a reason for it. Pain Relief Lady knows through her decades of treatment experience that there is always cause, but it may not be physical, even though it is felt strongly and very physically. This does not lessen your pain. It means that pain is the same in the brain whether it is physical, mental, or emotionally driven. So pain that starts at one level can easily switch to other areas and be held because that level is not being addressed.

Pain Relief Counselling / Coaching gives you strategies, tools, and acceptance and understanding of where you are at with experiencing long-term or intense pain.

If you have recurring or long-term pain you may have been told by a medical professional at some point that "your pain is in your head" and not your body. This is so dismissive when you know that what you feel is in your body and not imagined - and then maybe you have doubted yourself and wondered if you are truly going crazy and just making it up!

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Bachelor Science (Psychology) Visualisation Meditation Teacher Breathwork Meditation Teacher

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Pain Relief Counselling / Coaching