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Servicing area: Sydney CBD and Gordon

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Acupuncture I Cupping
Ear Candling I Nutritional Medicine

Pamela Baker - Acupuncture, TCM & Nutrition


Is based on the theory that life energy circulates within each of us via a network of pathways, called meridians. Fine stainless steel sterile needles are used to clear energy blockages causing pain, decreased organ function and circulation enabling the body’s natural healing processes to work more effectively. By looking at the tongue & pulse, coupled with the presenting signs & symptoms a point prescription is selected for the individual.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbs are used synergistically with Acupuncture and like the Acupuncture treatment is tailored to the individual. Chinese herbals contain powerful phytochemicals that work together in formulas that have either been formulated specifically, or pre-prepared. But each herbal prescription is selected to treat the client's particular condition and come in the form of granules, pills or capsules for efficacy and ease of compliance.


Is effective as a standalone therapy, but extremely effective in combination with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. 

Cupping will 

    • Move stagnation and alleviate congestion

    • Relieve Inflammation

    • Help muscular imbalance and release connective tissue where tightness and stiffness are issues.

    • Facilitates the local blood circulation 

    • Dispel wind, damp and cold to treat muscle and arthritic joint pain. 

    • Promote lymphatic flow thereby boosting a sluggish immune system.

Ear Candling (only available at Gordon)

This is another non-intrusive form of therapy especially useful for anyone suffering from ear problems, blocked sinus’s, hayfever, frequent colds and flu, heavy wax build up and tinnitus (ringing ears) provided there is no permanent ear damage. This technique is particularly valuable for frequent flyers that have began to notice a decrease in hearing acuity, ringing and sinus build up. The ear candles are hollow tubes made of hemp, cotton or linen sprayed with bee’s wax that are held over the ear. They burn without a flame and has a slight drawing effect promoting warmth and circulation within the ear. 

Nutritional Medicine

Is the planned application of diet and supplementation to treat various disorders. A lot of problems originate in the gut so by removing unwanted bacteria, restoring and supporting the digestion and detoxifying the liver the body’s natural vitality can be restored. 

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