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Specialising in providing a professioanl Biomesotherapy Service, to all of the people on the Gold Coast.

Pam's Place - Biomesotherapy Services

This is the treatment used by Europe's sporting elite. The technique often has less discomfort than the average acupuncture treatment.

First a sublingual (under the tongue) dose of Homeopathic mixtures are given. Then a fine acupuncture like needle is inserted under the skin and a small amount of sterile normal saline is gently placed into specific acupuncture or trigger points This stimulates a "cutivisceral reflex arc" drawing the action of the homeopathic medicine to the stimulated area.

This modality is extremely effective for minor orthopaedic problems, including sciatica, frozen shoulder, bursitis and tendonitis. Tennis elbow and whiplash can also be assisted.


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We are all born with various lessons in life and challanges to overcome. The correct diet, positive thoughts and loving emotions are the essential ingredients to to a life of vitality and longevity

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