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Indian Astrology Reading

Pandit Suryaji

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Indian Astrology Reading

Pandit surya ji is a well renowned India based astrologer in Melbourne, Australia, who is known for making 100% accurate predictions based on the real life problems, such as love marriage, financial problems, relationship issues, business and career related problems.

Indian Astrology Reading


A Renowned Love Psychic, Spiritual Healer in Melbourne Australia

I, am a love psychic reader, spiritual healer, astrologer in Melbourne Australia. I have naturally been inclined to this field since my youth. Coming from a family of astrologers and priests, I have this tradition handed over from my Father and great Grandfather. My father is a renowned practitioner in Wembley, London.

Realising that the people face a number of problems in their personal, financial, social and professional life, I decided to help them in the time of need using this knowledge. Embarking on this journey at a very young age, I decided to serve the people by using these metaphysical strengths and a scientific blend of mind. The family background has also helped me develop an innate interest and an in-depth understanding of this field.

Having done extensive studies in the field or astrology, travelled extensively all over the world to places that are considered to be the learning centre of these subjects and met experts of respective domains, I utilized every opportunity to gain proficient knowledge in Vedic astrology and psychic reading via tarot reading.

I also realised that there are people who are looking to find solutions for situations and are unable to make visits due to a number of reasons. For the benefit of those people, I started helping them by making accurate readings by interacting with them over the phone or using the medium of online chatting.

I make use of the centuries old Indian methods of spell casting and astrology in a genuine and ethical way for right purposes to help people live a better and more fulfilling life without the detriment of others. My methods are safe, foolproof, and result-oriented and they leave a feel-good factor.

My main aim is to ease the stress and worries of people's life so that they can get their normal life back. I try to offer them the solutions, which can reduce the problems and improve the quality of their life. I will be more than happy to utilize my knowledge and skills to bring about a positive change in all spheres of people's life.

You are welcome to seek consultation by using any means of communication such as phone, email or chat as per your convenience. I offer my astrology services in all major cities in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.


Bring Family Members Closer
Family is definitely your all-time support system, but what if your support system is disintegrating and leaving you upset and unhappy! If you're looking for expedient means to bring your family members closer and revel in the happiness of a well-bonded

Durga Maa Prayers(Puja)
Let the divine and pious presence of Goddess Durga enter your homes and help in enhancing prosperity of your homes. Pandit Surya Ji specialises in extending the positive blessings and goodwill in your homes by conducting a Durga Maa Puja for better prosperity.

Husband & Wife Problems
Husband and Wife share the most complex and still the most beautiful relationship in the world. When intimacies are more, you're likely to run into discord too! Sometimes however, these reasons for discord are not just the ordinary ones we face.

Husband & Wife Problems
Husband and Wife share the most complex and still the most beautiful relationship in the world. When intimacies are more, you're likely to run into discord too! Sometimes however, these reasons for discord are not just the ordinary ones we face.

Kali Mata Prayers (Puja)
Do you feel uncomfortable in your own homes? Do you hear noises or feel bad energies in your home? If yes, Pandit Surya Ji can help you get rid of all your fears by conducting a Kali Mata Puja at your place. This Puja could help you deal with your fears and help.

Phone Astrology Reading
Are you not contacting Pandit Surya Ji due to your inability to meet him in person? If yes, Pandit Surya Ji offers a telephonic reading solution to all his customers who cannot meet him in person. Look out for the best telephonic.

Hanuman Prayers(Puja)
Pandit Surya Ji has a knack for identifying any suspicious problem or issue that ruins your mental peace and makes you uncomfortable. He can help in conducting Jai Hanuman Puja to lay all negativities to help.

Goddess Pooja And Prayers
This pooja is done to solve problems in love affair, bring lover back,reunite lover,delay in marriage, family, husband wife dispute etc.we extend many effective remedies to help you to sort out your problems including these remedies are powerful mantras referred by Pandit Surya Ji, spiritual healer which are solutions.

Manglik Problems
We often see that people with mangal dosh in their Kundli who find it every hard to find their partner. For removing this, you have to do some serious works following astrological rules. Pandit Surya Ji can help you getting all these issues resolved with proper practices of astrology.

Business Consultations
Starting a business is not as simple as it looks. Though, there are many successful business persons who inspire us and this shows that business do have a lot of advantages but that doesn't means that you can be popular in two days, two months, and even two years. Success has its way of keeping the best in line waiting.

Divorce Consultation
Sometimes small conflicts in life partners turn up big results including the horrible situations of divorce. Consult Astrologer to find the real reason behind your divorce. May be it is not what you think it is.

Health Astrology
When the world of medical sciences ends, the world of mystical astrology begins. If you know this, the sound of OM has the power to eliminate several problems. The magical Hindu spell carries so many benefits that even scientist are yet to figure out the reasons behind half of them.

Horoscope Or Kundli Milan
Astrology has a great and different meaning in the Hindu families than any other one. Why is it so? The simple answer is that people here have been using the remarkable astrology things from over 5000 years and they have always tasted the benefits from it.

Success In Competitive Exams
You tried for an exam two years back. You flunked because you were not ready for it yet. You tried last year again with all the hard work but same result again. Sometimes you need an astrological eye to have the success.

Depression Related Consultation
Depression can be of any type. Losing any of your loved ones, getting divorced, losing in love, having loss in business, and several other things are that pull us down mentally.Reason behind it is simple that astrology has been the best ways to get rid of depression.

Famous Vaastu Shastra Expert
vaastu Shastra has brought happiness in many homes because they all design it with vaastu. vaastu makes sure that your house, or office or every important place falls perfectly by direction as per astrology. Come to the most popular vaastu expert to design your new home as per astrology.

Shri Krishna Prayers
lost your love, restoring a loving relationship, Separation divorce & Miss-understanding, Marriage etc. Shri Krishna prayers needs to be performed using strict rituals.

Female Astrology
If a girl or woman is having trouble with their health then astrology has solution for then too. Several magical and effective spells by Pandit Surya Ji work in a proper manner for females who have menstruation problems.

Study And Job Abroad
Do you think there are chances you have to study and job abroad? Few lucky ones get this exceptional opportunity but only few in them succeed in being settled abroad. Pandit Surya Ji helps you with this and provides you solutions of how you can go on a roll in the foreign land.

Palmistry Consultation
Practiced from the time of Alexander the Great, palm reading or chiromancy has been a great way of knowing about past and future from the lines over hands. Palmistry is one of the best ways to calculate what the most probable life will be of the person.

Extra Marital Affairs Problems
Your marriage might be going through a hard phase but the main thing that matters is, how calm and cool we can stay while this depressing moment. Come to astrologer

Conceiving Healthy Baby
Sometimes or other we try to avoid some uncertainties, hurdles and obstacles from our lives and take the help of astrology. It is basically the key to show us the desired path and make our dreams come true.

Corporate Consultant
People with big businesses need consultancy and assistance at every part of their work. Of course, the hard work with specialty matters but luck is also something, which matters, and astrology is a great way to polish that department.

Expected Life Partners
Love takes you through tumultuous paths where you tend to develop inclinations of different types. The company of a strong and competent partner can easily help you sail through the various vicissitudes of life.

PR Visa (Permanent Residence )
A permanent resident is someone who has been granted authorization to live and work in the sydney on a permanent basis. As proof of that status, a person is granted a permanent resident card.

Career Consultation
Sometimes even after being well qualified, we fail to put our feet on a certain profession. This time you need to put our faith in astrology and Pandit Surya Ji will help you getting the perfect as per your signs.

Commodity Market Prediction
Market moves with a risk at every point but that does not means that people stop earning from the market. What you need is the right prediction for your next step and bang! You will be there earning the most.

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