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About Us

Get the solutions for all your troubles instantly by our prominent astrologer established in Australia, Pandith Aditya Ji. Gaining the knowledge about the art of astrology from his ancestors, he changed the lives of many people. Pandith Aditya Ji is a very skillful astrologer who still follows the tradition of astrology surpassed by his ancestors.

It is very rare to find astrologers like Pandith Aditya Ji who absolutely gained perfection in telling people about their fortunes. With his great service in the field of astrology, he gathered a huge crowd behind him. People are very grateful for the service that astrologer Aditya Ji provides and feels great to have Pandith Aditya Ji around them during their difficult times. Pandith Aditya Ji is a very prominent astrologer. He belongs to a very reputed family who is very skillful in this field of Astrology and knows about each and every technique by which they can help people in removing the troubles from their life.

The takes the help of astrological solutions to resolve the problems of the people. Their small-small astrological solutions can bring a lot of relief in one’s life. People from various countries and states come to him in order to seek the advice from him. He never lets down the hopes of the people’s, that means he stands to every individual’s hope and never let them down. He gained the immense knowledge in this field of astrology from his ancestors, who also practiced this for years and got success. According to him, people should have troubles in life, because life without trouble is equivalent to the death of the person. With his grateful services and help, he gathered a huge number of followers behind him. And this makes him more prominent in this field of astrology. People are very much thankful for the service he is providing and wishes to see him serve like this for many years. A Pandith coming from such a small family background has gained a lot of fame in the society and he wishes that all people should enjoy the life in an appropriate manner.


Health Issues Problem

Are you suffering from any long-term health problem? And make you feel like, that you won’t recover sooner, then contact Aditya Astrology Service Center. He has a solution for all your health problems, although he does not acquire any MBBS degree or doctorate degree but this is for sure that he has gained expertise in dealing with all the health problem issues.

Laxmi Mata

According to Hinduism, Mata Laxmi is believed to be the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. She is the wife of Lord Vishnu, another very powerful deity in Hinduism. Jainism, as well as, Buddhists devotee also worships Goddess Laxmi Ji the more. 

Remove Bad Luck

One must have always heard about the bad luck or may even have encountered with it in their life. But that is not actually bad luck, it is the negative energy that turns your life upside down or at least made you feel that way. This bad luck generates the feeling of fear, depression If you face such trouble in your life or with your life.

Drink & Drunks

Are you addicted to things like Drugs or Alcoholism? And you showed up to drug rehabilitation center also! But nothing has changed, no changes were seen. Then contact Aditya Astrology Service Center, a place where all the addictions like drugs or alcoholism can easily be removed in the very short span of time.

Hanuman Puja

Hanuman Ji is a keen devotee of Lord Rama and very significant character in the Ramayana. Being the Chiranjivi, he is also mentioned in several other texts, such as Mahabharata, the Puranas, and in some Jain, Buddist and Sikh texts. According to Hindu Religion, Hanuman Ji is worshipped on Tuesdays. Being the ultimate devotee of Shri Ram.

Get Your Love Back

It is said that “TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES”. Yes, this is absolutely right. People who truly love each other will never leave each other hands until their last breath. Strong bonding is always required to be established in order to live successful love life. If the bondings are weaker then love life will never succeed and there will be a dispute between the two.

Family Dispute

A family is defined by the commitment and the love. A family is a group which shares the emotions and builds a strong bonding among one-another. A family means; where life begins and love never ends. We can say people who have a family has everything. And there’s nothing wrong in that.

Separation / Divorce

Divorce or Separation usually takes place when a person is not happy living with their spouse. Such problems initially seem like can be sorted out with one another, but when it’s out of their control, they drag one another to the court. And when the court declares its result, then both get the divorce and lives separately.


Most of us have experienced the feelings of jealousy in our lives in regard to the relationship from time to time. Mild feelings of jealousy can be a good thing – they often remind us not to take our partner for granted – but when jealousy becomes extreme or obsessive it can ruin a relationship.

Kali Mata Prayers

“Sarvamaṅgalamāṅgalyē śivē sarvārthasādhikē . śaraṇyē tryambakē gauri nārāyaṇi namō’stutē. Oṃ jayantī mangala kālī bhadrakālī kapālinī .durgā ksamā śivā dhātrī svāhā svadhā namō’stutē.” According to Hindu Religion Kali Mata is one of the ten Mahavidyas, a list which combines Sakta and Buddhist goddesses.

Famous Vastu

Vastu Shastra is so-called traditional Hindu system of architecture, which means how the things should be arranged and in direction and all are considered in the Vastu Shastra. The Sanskrit word Vastu means a dwelling or house with a corresponding plot of land. The term Shastra may loosely be translated as “doctrine, teaching”.

Palm Reading

Are you happy with your life? And have you found your true vocation or purpose of life? If not yet! Then Palmistry can help you out with these problems and will also suggest you the best which you can consider. Palmistry is the ancient art of palm reading to reveal the fortune secrets etched in the lines of your hands.

Black Magic Removal

One would have for sure heard of the bad luck or black magic or would have faced this in life. You must admit that it is not the black magic but it is just the negative energy which shakes the life to certain extent. This might be felt by you to certain level.Black magic removal helps in removal of the feelings of depression, unhappiness, anger and many other emotions.

Husband Wife Relationship Problem

Husband and wife relationship is the most fruitful relationships, it is the one in which there is abundance of love. It is always a sweet and beautiful relationship between two persons who are overwhelmingly in love with each other. The trust and love are the two factors which determine these relationships.

Astrology Horoscope Reading

The science in today’s world is being lauded by many, even though there is a lack of evidential proofs. The horoscope is something to which many people have their own views of it. It is similar to science, certain things cannot be changed it needs to be accepted as it is. Astrology horoscope reading plays an important role in everyone’s life.

Spiritual Healing

In this modern world, people are facing many issues now and then. In every aspect they find the problems. What we need to understand is that there is also the solution which is there for all kinds of problems. People are being stressed and are totally disrupted in this technological era. No matter how strong you are, when there is problem, you become weak.

Negative Energy Removal

As per the science is concerned there are two types of energies, the one is positive and another one is the negative. Positive energy brings in positive and blissful changes whereas the negative energy brings sorrows and curtails our growth. Negative energy is always an hindrance to growth. Negative energy removal should be done immediately.

Lottery Jackpot

As far as people are concerned, jackpot is something which remains as important part for everyone. Even after the jackpot is being done, you should always be careful of the people who are around you. Lottery jackpot is the one which needs to be focused by all. There will be so much to things about after winning the jackpot.

Court Case

In recent times there is a tremendous increase in the number of cases which are present in front of the court. All these cases have their own way of happening. Every case is different from other. There are wide variety of cases like criminal cases and general ones ranging from divorce, property dispute and many other things. Court case has its own way of attaining to solution. The best way to overcome all these hurdles is by making the most of the astrology.

Ganesh Puja

As far as Hinduism is concerned lord Ganesha is the one who needs to be worshipped before performing any puja or other things. It is not something new, this practice is being done for several thousands of years from now. Lord Ganesha is not being ignored by any single person, in fact he is the one who is being liked by many people. Ganesha puja is really an important one, it is normally done before commencing on any new venture or platform. It has so much effect, which can be realized once it is being done.

Lord Krishna Puja

Lord Krishna is one of the famous and widely worshipped ones among the Hindu community. He is one of the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu who is being worshipped with utmost divinity. Lord Krishna puja is always a special one, it is the kind of puja which is performed with unconditional love and affection. Since the love of lord Krishna is so true that the devotes also express their love towards him in the truest form.

Evil Spirits Removal

Everyone likes to climb the heights and be successful in what they do. These evil spirits are something which acts as a hindrance for many people. These spirits will not allow you to scale heights in life. Everything you do will turn negative. Evil spirits removal is much needed one, if you want to enhance in your life. These will stop you from growing.It will impart all the negative thoughts in your mind making you to be idle.

Love Spells And Vashikaran

Love is one of the beautiful things which one needs to experience. It is a pleasant feeling. Love never dies and it is absolutely true if both the individuals have decided to stay together under any kind of circumstances. The bonding between the individuals is always needed in order to last until their last breathe. Nothing can be more precious than love, if there is a week bonding between the couples then there is a possibility for dispute between them.

Marriage Related Problems

Marriage is the one which is being decided in the heaven, it is something which is said to be believed for these many years. The most beautiful part of life of individuals apart from their career is the marriage life. This phase of life is the one in which many people become to understand the responsibilities and act accordingly. The marriage is always a fruitful one until and unless there are issues related to it. In today’s world the marriage related problems are increasing day by day.

Best Indian Psychic

In the life of beings there are multiple things which need to be faced every day. Some may be fruitful and some may not be. But it is up to our mind whether we accept it or not. Her and there, there will be issues circulating but you do not have to take too much in to it. The solutions to problems can be provided by any one. But the solution should be amicable only then it can be accepted and can bring in happiness.

Why Choose Aditya Astrology Center

Trusted by Thousand Clients

We are very grateful that due to the dominant service that we have provided to our clients made us build the trust among them.

100% Guaranteed Privacy

It’s obvious that nobody wants to have their privacy leaked out. Hence, we assure that our client's privacy will be kept hidden.

Astrology Prediction Expert

If you want to know how your future looks like or what kind of future you’ll have, then Astrologer Aditya Ji is expert in predicting it.

365 Days Availability

Aditya Astrology center does not want that their client suffers from curse for a long duration, so we provide 365 days continuous service to them.

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