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Parisa Neuro Training Kinesiology

Parisa Zobdeh

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Empower Your Life With Your Natural Resources:

Gain full access to the resources you have inside you so you can react better to life’s challenges.

Neuro Training Kinesiology Eltham North

How Does Neuro Training Kinesiology Work?

Neuro training kinesiology will help retrain your brain and nervous system to adapt better and therefore react better to the challenges that life throws at you. You will undergo a technical procedure which starts with muscle checking so we can see the feedback from your nervous system. From this, we will find the disturbances within your body that have become blockages preventing you from reaching your fullest potential.

Our kinesiology approach will remove these blockages in your body to aid in your recovery and healing process. You will then retrain your nervous system to create new neurological options for responding to any future events instead of reacting based on your past life experiences or predetermined knowledge. These are done through the integration of brain training, neuro-linguistic programming, acupressure, and deep state techniques.

Who Will Be Your Kinesiologist?

My name is Parisah Zobdeh, and I will be conducting and guiding you through your NT kinesiology sessions. I am a registered practitioner member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiology (AIK), and my biggest goal in life is to help people like you feel better, live happier as I strongly believe that everyone deserves to have a better life.

You will discover that I am living proof that neuro training kinesiology works. Years ago, my life was miserable. I had to deal with a lot of high-level stress and bullying in my workplace on a daily basis. The increased stress was affecting to such a degree that my memory was affected and I experienced panic attacks. And so, I had to leave my job but I completely lost my confidence. I couldn’t get back to work because I developed a fear that I would have the same experience.

This situation continued until I found neuro training kinesiology. I underwent sessions and it was like a miracle in my life. It helped me get out of the darkness by turning all the lights on for me to find my way. I got my confidence back, never had any more panic attacks, and got to working again. With the amazing experience I had, I wanted to share this with others like you and here we are today.

What Are The Benefits of Neuro Training Kinesiology?

Neuro training kinesiology can be beneficial in helping you:

  • Relieve stress and feel better
  • Overcome fears and phobias
  • Improve your relationships
  • Clear physical or emotional pain
  • Let go of your past
  • Achieve personal growth
  • Access your innate intelligence
  • Build the future you want

What Are The Rates?

You can get your first 45-minute session FREE!

Our standard 60-minute kinesiology session rates are $125.

For concession/pensioners, a 60-minute kinesiology session is $105.

For children under the age of 18, a 60-minute kinesiology session is only $95.

You can also avail of our special offer. Get a package of 4 kinesiology sessions for only $250!

Book your FREE FIRST neuro training kinesiology session today!

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