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Art From The Heart at Dragonfli Cottage

Dianne Sykes

Far North Coast of NSW
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Servicing area: Kilgin, New South Wales

Art From The Heart at Dragonfli Cottage
Do you have unexplained fears and phobias?
Do you suffer anxiety, depression or feelings of shame?
Do you have unexplained reoccurring pain, unusual health issues or perhaps an eating disorder?
Do you struggle to maintain loving relationships?
Would you like to improve your self esteem and have more confidence?

If so, I can help you.

"As a Past Life Regression facilitator I can assist you to look at the problems of this life and discover if they are linked to your past. By looking at our past lives we empower ourselves to embrace the future with new understanding. Our destiny does not happen to us by chance, it is a conscious choice we make between lives."

Past Life Regression


There is an increasing awareness that many of the issues we carry with us in this lifetime come from our past lives and these issues have the power to influence this earthly journey.

Regression Therapy helps you to access your subconscious or soul memories. These memories are with us throughout each incarnation. Our earthly body changes but the Soul memories are with us always.

I believe that prior to each lifetime, we make an agreement to learn particular life lessons. Once we understand this, it eliminates the need for us to feel victimised and empowers us to look at life with a new perspective.

Past life regression helps us to understand where the feelings and emotions we carry come from, and how they influence who we are in this lifetime, thus enabling us to move forward with a renewed freedom, confidence and understanding.

How well we learn our life lessons impacts on our spiritual growth and personal development. Some life lessons take several lifetimes to learn. However, once we recognise the lessons we then have a choice to learn them or not.

Alternatively, through regression session you could recognise talents and skills from the past that you choose to embrace once more in this lifetime.



A regression session is usually a 60 - 90 minute appointment. Cost $80.00

Your regression session is digitally recorded and you are given a CD copy to take home.

After an explanation of the process we discuss what issues you would like to deal with during the session.

Even if you are not sure what you want to achieve, your subconscious mind, also known as you're higher self, will guide you to what you need to identify. Your higher self will always give you what you most need.

You are guided into a relaxed and meditative state, similar to the moments prior to sleep. You will be aware of your surroundings and the outside noises at all times however, they will be in the distance and will not bother you.

I interact with you throughout the session, leading you through the significant events, giving you guidance and support as you cross over. I assist you to identify the relevant life lessons and to meet your Soul Family, Spiritual Guides and Angels. We ask them to help you recognise their signs and symbols, for any messages and to also give you a Spiritual Healing releasing you from the ties of your past.

Symbols could include Coins, Butterfly’s, Rainbows, Dragonfly’s, Music any number of things that are sent to remind us that we are not alone. I would like to recommend that you read Many Lives, Many Masters by prominent psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss. Other Titles by Dr Weiss include.


    • Same Soul Many Bodies


    • Through Time into Healing


    • Mirrors of Time


    • Only Love is Real

For an appointment please call Dianne on O402 642 381.



Past Life Regression Workshops are a way to experience a past life in a safe environment with an experienced facilitator. In the group session, you will be guided into a past life - an amazing spiritual experience.

You will have the opportunity to journal your regression so you fully remember the experience. The group shares what they feel comfortable sharing and discuss what they have seen and learned.

Workshops are usually 10am till 1pm with Morning Tea supplied. Come along with a friend. Cost $50.00

I can not guarantee what will happen during a regression session I can however tell you with certainty that we are each always helped, guided and protected - the choice to ask is ours. May many Blessings come your way



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