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Pat 4 Pilates Yoga Fitness
Member since
Mar 2012

Pat 4 Pilates Yoga Fitness

Contact Name Pat Zanin
Mobile 0421 482 736
Address Fairy Meadow Surf Club
Elliots Rd
Fairy Meadow NSW 2519
Servicing Areas Fairy Meadow, Balgownie, Towradgi, Wollongong, Illawarra & Northern suburbs


Achieve total body conditioning with low impact and safe PILATES, YOGA and FITNESS exercises. Pat is a certified pilates, yoga and fitness instructor and has over 17 years of experience working in the local area. She started her fitness career as a personal trainer, her passion for functional and fascial fitness, pilates and yoga and the benefits she experienced from practicing all of these modalities led her to create these unique classes.

Pat 4 Pilates Yoga Fitness

                                                                                                PILATES YOGA FITNESS  &          FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH/MOBILITY FITNESS CLASSES

All classes are specifically designed to improve functional strength/mobility, core stability,   balance and correct poor posture, movement patterns and compensations...strengthening the body/mind connection and creating  a longer leaner more balanced body.

SAFE low impact, low and moderate intensity FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH FITNESS and PILATES YOGA FITNESS classes are performed in a flowing, energizing and calming sequence.  By integrating structural and mind-body conscious movement  we can bring balance to the whole body systems slowly changing the structure of the whole body to affect physical, mental and emotional change;  restore energy, breathing, inner and outer strength, health and fluidity to the soft tissues, preserve joints and release tensional patterns (stiffness) in the fascia and muscles resulting from poor postural and movement patterns, prolonged sitting, overuse injuries and unbalanced fitness/strength training.  We can change our bodies and lives, literally, by the way we move, stand, sit or walk.

We feel at our optimal best when we have a calm mind, can move effortlessly with energy and without pain. Our aim is to achieve a positive flow of  total body and mind conditioning in our classes and in our daily lives.

To register and for information on group or private classes  please scroll down.


Fairy Meadow Surf Club Group Classes; Fairy Meadow Surf Club, function room   Elliots Road  Fairy Meadow

Monday: 9:30am – FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH                      PILATES FITNESS 

Monday: 7:00pm – PILATES YOGA FITNESS 
 Wednesday: 9:30am – PILATES YOGA FITNESS
 Wednesday: 5:40pm – PILATES YOGA FITNESS
      Friday: 9:30am – PILATES YOGA FITBALL          Friday: 11:00am - FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH  PILATES FITNESS  (Beginners)  *NEW class, registrations required to start.

Please enquire for other suitable times for private bookings. 

Small Group classes are run on demand for 4 week terms.


Fairy Meadow class rates
10 week term (1 class per week)    $140                                    12 week term (1class per week)     $168                                    10 week term (2 classes per week) $240                                  12 week term (2 classes per week) $288                                  12 week term (3 classes per week) $384
10 week term (3 classes per week) $320
Missed classes may be made up in the 10 or 12 week term only.
5 class card $90     (expires in 3 mths)
10 class card $160 (expires in 6 mths)

Private or Small Group rates
$60 per hour (1 person) $70 per hour (2 people)
$75 per hour (3 people) $80 per hour (4 people)

...NEW for beginners...
$30 for 30 minutes of private tuition before joining a group class.

Please contact Pat prior to joining a class.
$18 casual class ONLY AVAILABLE FOR 1ST CLASS (class trial)

Please enquire for other group rates, eg. corporate rates. Payments may be made in cash or bank transfer. Bank details will be emailed on confirmation of registration.

Health Fund Rebates may be available from most Health Insurance Providers depending on your level of cover, please check with your provider. Your Allied Health practioner must  complete a form supplied by your health fund.

GROUP CLASSES- Total Body & Mind conditioning aiming to correct imbalances and restore Functional Strength & Mobilty ...practicing the best & safest Pilates, Yoga, Functional and Fascial Fitness exercises.

PILATES has a focus on engaging the mind and the body at the same time. This creates exercise that uses the entire body, which is all performed with attention to breathing, precise form/posture, focus and efficiency in movement. Core stability is a big focus, other benefits include improved strength, flexibility & balance. Pilates trains us to move efficiently & develop core strength, rather than holding our posture with superficial musculature. Using the deep core muscles- abdominals, back, glutes, inner thighs and pelvic floor- to support our posture allows the shoulders to relax, the neck and head to move freely, and relieves stress on the back, hips, legs and feet. Daily tasks become easier and falls and injuries are less likely to occur.

YOGA poses and sequences are specifically chosen to be safe for all, no handstands or overstretching etc. (approved by the Fitness Industry Standards for safety), based on the traditional science of Hatha Yoga and the meditative flow of  Vinyasa Yoga with modifications to enhance accessability and benefits for all.  Some benefits include improved  mental health, mobility, strength, flexiblity and range of motion.
Moving and breathing consciously enhances well being and helps develop the skill of mindfulness releasing tension and restlessness in the body and mind, resulting in physical relaxation and stress reduction..."Being in the flow"...  Classes always end with mindfulness or meditation  which guarantees you'll leave feeling calm and centered.
"The flow state...Unite body, mind and breath by cultivating a moving meditation to energise, renew, focus and inspire a state of joyful being" Heather Agnew from Vinyasa Flow, Trinity Yoga.

FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH FITNESS exercises are designed to strengthen and condition the body as a whole unit to make it easier and safer to perform everyday activities, such as carrying groceries, climbing stairs, bending over or playing sports. While incorporating multi-planar movement (flexion, extension, side/side and rotation), various loads, body weight and fitness tools eg. FITBALL, fitness bands, weighted pilates balls, using multiple joints and muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time to keep joints functional,. Functional strength fitness exercises also improve, neurological efficiency (mind/body connection) , core stability, mobility, balance, sporting performance, carry-over to daily activities reducing the risk of overuse injuries . An example of a functional exercise is the squat and bending down to pick up a low object. 

FASCIAL FITNESS training is integrated in all classes to restore mobility and fluidity to soft tissues throughout the whole body helping us to  maintain elastic integrity, reduce pain and stiffness to stay young and healthy.   “Mixing modalities (PILATES, YOGA, FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH FITNESS) and FOAM ROLLER  is a useful way to bring balance and create BIOTENSEGRITY (elastic integrity in the moving body…movement integrity and overall vitality included at rest). Optimal vitality is a balance between being too flexible and being too stiff.” Tom Myers, Structural Integration expert and author of “Anatomy Trains”.   FASCIA TRAINING describes specific movement exercises and ball/foam rolling techniques that attempt to improve the functional properties of the soft tissues, the muscular and connective tissues in the body.


    • Improve postural alignment & awareness 

    • Improve adaptability & kinesthetic sense

    • Improve skeletal muscle strength & preserve joint and bone health 

    • Improve sporting performance, & lung capacity

    • Improve breathing, immune function, hormone balance, calm the nervous system reducing cortisol levels

    • Improve and maintain muscle tone, trimmer waistline & body, weight management

    • Improve mental health, circulation & reduce risk of cognitive decline & dementia.

    • Improve mind/body awareness, focus & proprioception

    • Reduced stress & risk of heart conditions, osteoporosis, arthritis, blood pressure, cholesterol, pain, stiffness and age related conditions.

PRIVATE SESSIONS are by appointment only and are designed for the specific need of the individual, eg. health improvement programs, strengthing and mobility programs, programs for osteoporosis or arthritis,  correcting faulty movement patterns, posture, walking and breathing. Rehabilitation exercises with consultation of the clients Physio, GP or Obstetrician etc. injury & prevention exercises, pre and post natal exercises.  Pilates, Yoga, meditation/mindfulness or Functional/Core/Strength programs for the needs of the individual. eg. back, hip, shoulder, neck strengthening or pain reduction.

BEGINNER SESSIONS can be booked on an individual or group basis, eg. one to one, or a small group of friends, or workplace groups. Beginner classes are run on demand; please register your interest by email or phone.

WORKPLACE SESSIONS are designed to improve repetitive strain and poor posture due to prolonged sitting or standing. Stretching and correcting shoulder/neck//hip/back stiffness and improving core strength are a big focus in these sessions and they also help with concentration, and stress reduction, staff will leave the session feeling relaxed. No equipment is necessary, only your own mat/towel or office chair. Any unused office space can be used to facilitate the sessions in lunch breaks etc. Pat has her own public liability insurance.

Although our classes are suitable for most fitness levels, and modifications are offered, classes may not be suitable for everyone. Please complete the Pre-Exercise and Registration Form supplied or email Pat to discuss suitability. 

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Qualification Details
  • Gym Instructor Certificate 3
  • Group Exercise Instructor Certificate
  • Certificate 4 in Pilates Matwork Instruction
  • Remedial Pilates Certification
  • YogaFit Fundamentals Certification
  • Sports Yoga Certification
  • Pre and Post Natal Exercise Certification
  • Exercise Rehabilitation Certificate
  • Tai Chi for Mental Health & Cognitive Improvement Certification
  • Registered with Fitness Australia since 2001 (reg number: 001284)
  • 1st Aid Certification
  • CPR Certification
  • Yoga Therapy for the Structural System certification
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga certification
  • Fascia and Foam Roller Certificate
  • Fascia in Yoga and Movement by Tom Myers


Service Categories