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Preconception care is an absolutely crucial part of the fertility process and it is something that Patricia has a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with.

Pre-Conception Care

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Preconception Health Care

What is Preconception Health Care?

You can make a difference to the mental, physical and the emotional health of your baby. The long-term health of this new and unique individual as he or she grows from a small fertilised egg into a full grown adult human will depend on an ongoing flow of nutrients to give the fundament building blocks that are essential for development and for growth.

These nutrients will also enhance fertility in the adult woman, help conception to take place, to help prevent a miscarriage and to develop the environment needed for a healthy full-term pregnancy and an easy trouble-free birth and breastfeeding experience.

Why Should I utilise Preconception Health Care?

A time of 4 months for preconception health care allows egg and sperm to develop in a toxin-free and thriving nutritional environment to allow optimal health of both of these essential components. This will give the best possible environment to develop a full-term healthy baby.

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