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Susan Penno Psychic Medium

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International Psychic, Medium, Healing Channel & Teacher.

Susan Penno Psychic Medium


Susan is a Professional Psychic Medium, Channel Healer, Meditation Teacher, Psychic Development teacher/mentor and a Professional Singer.

She refers to herself as a Light Facilitator because the information she receives is coming from a higher source such as her Gaurdian Angels, her Spirit Guides.

She passed on her first message at the age of four and in 2007 began working as a professional Light Facilitator.

Based at CHARI'S Place in Bankstown NSW, Susan does Phone, Skype and Face to Face Readiings, Channelled Healing, one on one Mentoring and running small groups for Psychic Development courses and Meditation groups.

She also does business, home and spirit clearings, Platform work, Channelled public discourses, Professional Psychic Events and Psychic Party's.

About Susan

Susan was born in Auckland New Zealand and always remembers seeing Spirits, energy and Angels. She passed her first message from a loved one to her mother when she was four years of age. She always knew she was different as her siblings did not run to her parents about visits from Spirits or talking about how they died in a past life.

In her early twenties she started having out of body experiences and would see and hear herself counseling the person she was with. Years later she learned this was called Conscious Channeling and that a Spirit guide was speaking through her to help the person with her at the time. This still happens when she facilitates healing energies or while reading for a client. There was also the knowing, the ability to sense or see an event before it would occur via visions, dreams and as an Empath.

The Healing experiences began in 1989 when Susan started feeling and seeing emotional and physical pain in a person. She would find herself being guided to use energetic healing with the aid of visualization techniques, sometimes gently touching the affected area. 13 years later in 2003 she found this was called energetic healing and recalls her Reiki teacher telling her that she was an energetic healer in a past life.
In fact many clients who have been to Susan for a reading, even over the phone have reported feeling better emotionally and physically.

Susan refers to herself as a Light Facilitator as she says the information and healing energies are coming through her and not from her, likening it to water flowing through a straw.

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