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Peaceful Encounters
Tony has extensive experience in the following fields.

Peaceful Encounters - Services

Ghost and Spirit Removal

Tony’s clearing methods are an effective and powerful means of eliminating disruptive, negative and intrusive energies from your home. Tony has more than 10 years of experience and results can be felt almost immediately. Your home will be restored to a vibrant and harmonious living environment.

In your home: Are you experiencing depression, illness, discomfort, mood swings, movements, unexplained noises and arguments? Tony can help you to clear these energies. These energies may be deceased individuals or people that have come and gone through your house, or energies that you have picked up in your everyday life.

When spirit is removed: Your home will be restored to a harmonious and vibrant living environment. This new energy will have a powerful and positive impact upon all facets of your life, developing happiness and health.

Clearing and Protection: There are times when our home can feel a flood with negative energies.

Feelings like:

    • Always tired?

    • A sense of unease?

    • A lack of energy?

A clearing can help!

Tarot Readings

Tony is a Psychic Medium, utilising Tarot cards and speaking to spirit to help with guidance for work, relationships, life paths, love and what holds you back from being able to move forward. 1 hour - $100

Sweat Lodges

I have been holding sweat for a number of years now and each one of them has been different in some different way. This ceremony is held once a month (weather permitting) and is one that has been conducted across the world for centuries. The ceremony consists of 4 rounds in which rocks are placed under fire to heat up are brought inside the lodge of around 15 each time and water is poured over them to create steam, this process begins the healing process on a soul level and is incredibly powerful.

This amazingly spiritual journey lasts for up to around 2-3 hours.

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