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Elke Effler Hypnotherapy

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It has been said that depression is a crisis of the soul.

Peacehaven Hypnotherapy - Counselling

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Do you fear that you will always feel depressed – but WANT to feel happy?

Do you have low self-esteem – but WANT to feel good about yourself?

Dysfunctional families, abuse of any sort, trauma, loss and grief, bullying, divorce, major accident or illness; all these experiences can leave their mark and affect how you cope and respond to life’s challenges.

A child raised in a dysfunctional family will often grow up with low self-esteem, depression, anger and fear. These negative emotions will often lead to poor decision-making which in turn lead to even lower self-esteem to a point where anger, fear, tears and anxiety seem to be the only default responses left available.

BUT…. it IS possible to feel better.


The goal of therapy is to help you be the person you were always meant to be:

Happy, fun-loving, calm, confident and standing in your personal power.

Feeling good about yourself again, you will be able to walk your own path in your own way towards a future of your chosing.

My role as therapist is to help you:
  • Develop a life’s strategy that resonates with you
  • Find that passion that makes it worth getting up in the morning
  • Develop self-esteem
  • Validate who you are
  • Heal past trauma so that you can now believe that a brighter future is possible
  • Regain control of your life
  • Reclaim your personal power
Let's make that appointment so that I can help you to overcome that depression and start living a joyful life again.

Treatment Fee

One-hour session…….$95.00 GST incl
(The first session lasts for 1½ hours)

Call me today on (03) 9739 8787 or on 0409 514 878, or 'make an Enquiry' to discuss your requirements with me.

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