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Peter the Naturopath

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Peter the Naturopath

Reiki is a natural healing therapy that has been traced back to ancient Tibet and was only rediscovered in the 19th century by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan.

Peter the Naturopath - Reiki

Reiki draws upon a universal healing energy to support you in managing mental, physical and emotional issues in your life. Some describe it as a spiritually guided life force energy.

You lie down, fully clothed, and relax on a massage table in a warm and comfortable environment. The practitioner will then lay their hands on or have them hover over you and certain parts of your body in a sequence determined by the position of the chakras.

The healing energy will flow naturally, within the client, to wherever it is required to repair emotional or physical imbalances. Nobody ever feels “bad” after a Reiki Healing and most individuals experience a sense of relaxation and calm, an easing of their physical symptoms and sometimes a profound emotional release.

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