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Anxiety is a general term that encompasses disorders that cause fear, nervousness, worry and apprehension. These disorders affect how we feel and how we behave, and these can manifest with real physical symptoms. Mild anxiety is unsettling and vague, whilst severe bouts of anxiety can be highly debilitating and have a serious impact upon their daily lives.

Hypnosis with is emphasis on relaxation and the removal of phobias, can offer you with a solution or adjunctive treatment to many conditions that are involving anxiety. 


Addictions can be defined as conditions that result when an individual ingests a substance (cocaine, alcohol or nicotine are some examples) or engages in an activity (e.g. shopping, gambling, sex) that can be pleasurable, initially, however it then will become compulsive and interferes with daily tasks and responsibilities, such as relationships, work and health.

Hypnotherapy coupled with counselling offers an effective method of treatment for addictions.

Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is the anxiety that is derived from a persistent phobia or fear that is aroused by the requirement to perform in front of an audience. It may have a number of different manifestations, including: fluttering or pounding heart, sweaty hands, tremor in the legs or hands, dry mouth, facial nerve tics and dizziness.

Hypnotherapy can help!


A phobia is an anxiety disorder usually defined as a persistent fear of a certain situation or object that the individual with the phobia will go to great lengths to avoid. Phobias are typically disproportional to the actual danger itself.

If you are unable to avoid the circumstance entirely, you will endure it, but with marked distress and significant interference in your daily activities. Hypnotherapy is an effective method, or adjunct, to the treatment of a number of phobias.

Pain Control/Past Trauma

Hypnosis can bring about significant reductions in: the rating of pain, the need for analgesics or sedation, and vomiting and nausea. Hypnotherapy has also shown to improve the overall outcome post a medical treatment and greater physiological stability.

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