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How Pilates can help you overcome neck and back pain.

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What is Pilates?

 Put simply, Pilates is the performance of various exercises whilst paying specific attention to contracting the ‘core’ muscles. There are Pilates equipment (e.g. the Reformer) based exercises, exercises in the water, mat exercises, exercises with elastic tubing and exercises that utilise gym equipment.

What is the main difference between clinical Pilates and fitness Pilates?

Physiotherapists generally utilise Pilates as a method of helping clients with spinal pain. It provides a great deal of assistance in improving their ‘core’ muscles to try and overcome their issue and prevent any chance of recurrence. It is also utilised to try and improve performance amongst athletes. In these instances, the Pilates exercises are conducted after the physiotherapist has examined the client and determined what kind of exercises will suit the client’s specific problems. The physiotherapist works closely with the clients and supervises the exercises and how they affect the client’s spinal issues. This is called ‘clinical Pilates’.

Other Pilates conducted out of gyms and non-physio studios with the aim of increasing fitness, improve posture and lose weight is called ‘fitness Pilates’.

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