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Pilates with Karol

Karol Ramirez

Greg Percival Community Hall
Cnr of Oxford and Cumberland Rd
Ingleburn NSW 2566

Servicing area: Campbelltown, Ingleburn, Blair Athol & surrounding suburbs NSW

Pilates with Karol

Improve stability, mobility & strength of your body, retrain muscle imbalances and improve quality of life.

Pilates Relaxation & Mobility, Pilates Essential to Intermediate & Pilates Back Care & Posture

Group Pilates Classes 

Some people get faster results from their fitness program when they work with a group. With this in mind, Pilates with Karol in Ingleburn and Blair Athol NSW came up with group classes that aim to relax your body and improve your mobility.

However, to avoid the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the following group classes are temporarily unavailable. 

Pilates Relaxation & Mobility

If you’ve never tried Pilates before, this program is perfect for you. It features an exercise regimen that targets the abdominals, lower back and practically the whole body. In this program, you get to work at your own pace, hence you feel stronger and more mobile after class. 

Beginners, seniors and even mums who have just given birth are welcome to join! Your instructor will provide a flex band and a mini stability ball.

Pilates Essential to Intermediate

Get toned abs and muscles, reduce back pain and improve your posture. This Pilates class also helps you become less susceptible to injuries. A fitness circle, flex band and mini stability ball will be provided. 

Pilates Back Care & Posture

The capacity of your body lies in the quality of your posture. This class will improve the state of your wellbeing as it focuses on exercises that strengthen the spine, shoulders, hips and abdominals. Supporting each routine with light weights improves joint mobility, posture and core muscles.

Light weights, a flex band and a mini stability ball are provided for this class.

Please note that these classes aren’t suitable for pregnant women.

Pre-Workout Tips

  1. Come in breathable clothes.
  2. Bring your own mat and water.
  3. Arrive 15 minutes before the class schedule so that your questions can be addressed in case you have any.
  4. If you find the exercises difficult to execute, let your instructor know so that they can modify and tailor it to your physical ability.

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