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Hi, my name is Tracey Lee Magookin and I am an emotional and physical healer.

Throughout my whole life I have adhered to a holistic way of living and healing, which has taken me on a journey of intuitive knowledge, various energy healing practices and reading.

I understand that if left untreated, people’s negative emotions can adversely impact upon their behaviour, affecting their health and cause physical pain within their body. Through my own personal experience of learning and of healing, I have discovered Concomitant Healing, Hahnemann Healing and Spiritual Counselling to be amongst the most effective and powerful healing modalities that are available. Other healing modalities have all fallen short compared to the profound impact that these 3 modalities can have.

Concomitant Healing, Hahnemann Healing and Spiritual Counselling can be utilised on their own or in combination to provide even more powerful emotional and physical healing results. These healing therapies may help in overcoming blockages and provides clarity in moving forward, enabling greater feelings of fulfilment and of personal growth.

Here at ‘Points of Healing’ I offer you a nurturing and comfortable environment that will empower you and give you unconditional support and safety.

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