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Power of Change Counselling & Coaching

Power of Change Counselling & Coaching
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Power of Change - Marriage Counselling

If you continue to do the same things that you have always been doing, you will continue to receive the same results. All couples face some challenges and go through rough patches. Things such as frequent disagreements, suspicion, difference in values or signs/evidence of infidelity and financial pressures can all cause issues and difficulties.

Specific marriage related issues may include...

  • Poor communication in your marriage

  • Affairs in your marriage

  • Verbal & physical abuse

  • Lack of intimacy & sexual fulfilment in your marriage

  • Parenting difficulties which affect your marriage

  • Marriage neglect, resentment building

  • Controlling behaviour

  • Imbalance of power within your marriage

  • Problems from childhood

Marriage counselling will start off by listening to each partner’s view of the marriage and their perceived issues or problems in the marriage.  Throughout your session you will be asked to highlight the primary sources of frustration that you each have with one another.

Marriage Counselling will help you learn to...

  • Commit to one another in a way that will enhance the degree of success the marriage achieves and the satisfaction that each partner enjoys

  • Perform daily acts of kindness to one another

  • Maintain self-respect and respect for each other in your marriage

  • Show compassion to one another within your marriage

  • Share your feelings with one another with care

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