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Premier Medical Acupuncture

Billy He

142 Peel St
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Servicing area: North Melbourne VIC

Premier Medical Acupuncture

We only have the highest level of herbal products here at Premier  Medical Acupuncture. Upon your appointment, we will work to find the best course of treatment.

Chinese Herbal Medicine & Well-Trained Herbal Practitioners

Chinese Herbal Medicine 

It has grown over a decade into a safe and efficient way of treating all sorts of conditions and diseases, usually in combination with therapies such as acupuncture as a major component of traditional Chinese medicine

Formulas usually consist of a specific herbal blend, based on the medication conditions, that can be used as a tablet, powder or tea. Unlike acupuncture, the numerous herbs and dosages used depend on your condition and on your overall energy level, because they help to bring natural balance to your body.

Chinese herbs are powerful, harmless and seldom have unjustified side effects, when well-trained herbal practitioners handle them. Medicinal plants are of prime importance in Chinese herbal medicine as well as special treatment regarding doses and herbal blends. In order to ensure the safety and quality of Chinese herbs manufactured in this region, the Chinese herb sector partners with TGA.

Chinese medicine is a specialisation in pediatrics. Chinese herbal medicine treats vomiting, nausea, cough and eczema in smaller doses of medicines in an easy-to-use way, such as tablets or powders.

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