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Primal Movement is an Holistic Health Centre on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Our aim is to offer a safe and therapeutic environment for our clients and team by offering Exercise Development, Training, Acupuncture and Kinesiology, Naturopathy and Nutritional advice to address the physical, nutritional, emotional and energetic aspects of our clients' wellbeing.

About Primal Movement

Servicing area

Sydney Northern Beaches

Focus areas

Pressure points Wellness Birth preparation Fitness Athletic performance Optimal health

Primal Movement's team of experienced, trained health practitioners offer a range of modalities including:
  • Exercise Development and Training
  • Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs
  • Remedial Massage and Reflexology
  • Emotional Healing and Chakra Balancing
  • Naturopathy and Clinical Nutrition
  • Transformational Coaching

Primal Movement's Approach

The Primal Approach
Our approach is centred around mastery of the 6 Primal Concepts. These concepts are the foundation of vital health and well being.

Change your thoughts, change your health. How and what we think govern how we feel; how we feel governs how we act; how we act governs our experience of life. Mental mastery is a priority in Primal Coaching.

At 27,500 reps a day, how’s your breathing? The way we breathe affects our posture, our nervous system, our hormone levels and our emotional state. The quality of the air in our daily environment directly impacts our health.

There’s a water shortage at the centre of most Australians. Dehydration can be the cause behind scores of other misleading symptoms, including hunger and fatigue. Your hydration habits and absorption levels are essential considerations at Primal Movement.

Organic food: it’s ancient history. Our bodies thrive on pure nourishment: food that is grown locally with the goodness sustained by ecological practices. Keep it simple, keep it clean – we’ll teach you how.

When we move well, we live well. Your body is your vessel- make it stable, make it strong, keep it flexible, make it last. Analysis of how you move, and training programmes to correct, improve and amplify it are paramount to our approach at Primal.

Live by nature’s rhythms – staying up gets you down. Sleep, self care, meditation and time-out are keys to unlock a healthy and balanced life. Recovery is the comma in our activity. Rest is the full stop to our stress.

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