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Proactive Mindfulness

Jim Demetriou

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Proactive Mindfulness

Pathway to a Positive Mindset

Proactive Mindfulness


Welcome to Proactive Mindfulness!

Proactive Mindfulness is a different type of coaching program. Aimed at children primarily but also parents of children, it is a holistic approach to dealing with the stress of education. When children have anxiety over studies or other issues at school it reduces their ability to learn. Left unchecked, these issues can develop into long term learning and behavioural problems affecting both the child and the family.

Proactive Mindfulness was founded by Jim Demetriou. Being a qualified School Teacher, Master Mindfulness practitioner and also a parent, Jim understands the pressures of raising children during school years. That’s why he has created a unique and easy to adopt, 12 part methodology to work with children and teenagers on developing the strategies that help with:

  • reducing anxiety & stress

  • regaining confidence & self-esteem and

  • increasing educational outcomes

Jim also works with adults with their children or independently if they are facing stress at work. Work pressure can increase household tension, effect children’s wellbeing and be a related cause to school and learning issues.

If you recognise these symptoms in your family, please reach out to him for a confidential and complimentary stress diagnosis.

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About The Founder
Jim Demetriou

Jim Demetriou is a dedicated Life Coach that specialises in wellness for children, teenagers, adults and families. We work on your physical wellness whilst Jim will be a great asset working on your mental wellness.

Being a qualified Scientist, School Teacher and now a qualified Master Mindfulness practitioner (and father), Jim understands the pressures of raising children during school years. That’s why he has created a unique, easy to follow, 12 part methodology to work with children and teenagers on developing the strategies that help with:

  • reducing anxiety

  • reducing stress

  • regaining confidence

  • improving self esteem

  • attaining happiness and fulfilment and

  • much, much, more

Jim has also worked with adults facing stress at work or the everyday pressures of living, so please reach out to him if you need to create a happier, balanced life.

Feel free to call Jim at any time to discuss your needs in order to help you move forward.


Proactive Mindfulness Coaching

What is the Proactive Mindfulness Coaching all about?

Proactive Mindfulness has been set up to give parents and care givers solutions that affect the physical and mental well-being of their children. Many children in our experience as mindset practitioners and educators, tend to suffer from a distinct lack of confidence and self-esteem for a variety of reasons. These feelings in children then begin to create anxieties and stress which in turn has an influence on other important areas of their life such as:

  • Schoolwork

  • Extra- curricular activities

  • Relationships with friends and family

  • Inability to have fun

  • Physical and emotional well-being, level of happiness

  • Feeling a sense of hopelessness, low confidence and self-esteem, etc.

Barring any significant mental illness or major trauma, children can be helped to overcome their challenges and begin their journey to sustained success. At Proactive Mindset we first seek to understand the underlying issues preventing your child from thriving and being at their very best. We then design a custom made program for your child that will readdress the balance to renewal.


Packages Pricing

FREE 20-30 minute Phone Consultation

The initial contact via phone will be to gather a basic understanding of the current challenges and to determine the best way forward. This will also help to establish your level of expectation from any ensuing sessions and ask any relevant questions.

Introductory Session

During this session we will take a detailed history and gather relevant information relating to your current circumstances. This sessions also allows us to establish all negative behaviours and their root cause. In addition, we can assess the extent of all the underlying issues and outline the plan to develop a positive mindset and the strategies required for renewal and attainment of desired outcomes. Cost of this session is $90.

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