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Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah - Newtown

Sarah Barry

Suite 5
134-140 King St
Newtown NSW 2042

Servicing area: Newtown & the Inner West, New South Wales

Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah - Newtown

Full-time professional tarot reader since 2003

Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah

About Sarah Barry – Psychic Sarah

I am a full-time professional psychic tarot reader working from my private tarot office in Newtown, Sydney.

I have a unique, nonsectarian tarot reading style that is open, calm and grounding, while also nonjudgmental, insightful and inspiring.

I became a professional tarot reader when I was 25 years old, and transitioned to being a full-time tarot reader when I was 26, in May 2003.

Working with the tarot is a career that helps me understand the complexities of humanity, and I very much enjoy the huge cross-section of society that I have the good fortune to meet.

I am a free-thinking tarot reader who other psychics come to see. Compassionate in my approach and with a healthy dose of humour, I connect with you on an authentic heart-to-heart level.

My Availability: I am generally available between 11am – 6pm most days excepts for Fridays and Saturdays. My schedule may change from time to time, and I will let you know if this is the case when you contact me for an appointment.

In addition to Face to Face Tarot Readings, I also do readings Online and at Events.

How Psychic Sarah Works

As for how I work, every tarot reader works differently. During your reading I will use the tarot as a tool rather than a definitive source in itself. It is my intuition/psychic ability that allows me to translate what I see unfolding for you. The cards are used as visual flash cards primarily to make the reading more accessible to you. You can see what cards are appearing and can have your own way of responding to them.

Tarot cards have an ancient history. They have their own way of working that can be very beautiful, synchronistic and relevant. The longer I use the cards, the more I learn about their mysteriousness, and I find that using them in a reading allows for a more grounded and straightforward understanding.

I often use metaphors as a way to help you reflect on how those examples can apply to you and your own life. We can also use the cards to look at pros and cons of certain situations. I am flexible in my approach and can work with vast and existential questions as well as those regarding everyday life. If you do have specific queries, I prefer to work with them from an angle that is expansive and empowering. For example, instead of “Will I find love?”, we can frame the question as: “What can I do to help myself find love?”. Or instead of “Will my work situation change?”, how about: “What can I do to change my current work situation?”

If I mention a future possible event during a reading, I say it because there appears to be a strong likelihood of it unfolding. Although many clients have given me affirmative feedback that things mentioned in the reading did indeed eventually come to pass, please note, there is no possible way for me to 100% guarantee that this will be the outcome for your reading and your circumstances. If there is a God, I am not them!! Of course your own free will, actions of others and the everyday changes of life can and will  affect outcomes. What I hope for though when people come for a reading with me, is that there is less emphasis on passively waiting to see whether things will ‘come true’, but rather, inspiration for ways you can lead your life that will result in positive outcomes for you, as well as encouragement on to how to deal with more challenging situations.

I prefer to receive no information from you for the first 5 – 10 minutes, to ensure that I approach your reading from an intuitive level.  I will then check in to see if there are particular areas on which you would like to focus.  Clients often find that I have already started talking about what they would like to get clearer about, so that check-in point can be used to either expand upon what is already unfolding, or to introduce something that I have not yet focussed on, to the reading.

If you want me you just ‘go-with-the-flow’, I am happy to do this. However, if this is the approach you request, please be absolutely sure that there are no burning issues you really want me to talk about. If they are important to you, it is better you mention them upfront, rather than waiting to see if they crop up. Make the most of your time with me – 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes can fly by very fast!

I do not expect you to subscribe to any particular belief system in order for the reading to make sense. I am nonsectarian in my approach and I refer to energy simply as energy without creating a particular name or image for it. To this end, I do not refer to spirit guides, gods/goddesses, animal totems, angels, deceased people, past lives etc. This is not to deny others’ relationships with those particular references – more just a way of keeping the reading universal, and as grounded in reality as possible.


Customer testimonials

“I’ve always loved going to Sarah and have referred many family and friends.I find her calm, intelligent manner to be very reassuring. My personal experience and philosophy with regard to any psychic readings is one of intuitive guidance and to illuminate what might be already visible in ourselves and just not realised yet. I am not a big fan of very prescriptive readings with hard and fast predictions on what a person may or may not do. I find Sarah’s style a perfect combination of specific enough whilst still allowing our own choice on how we choose to follow a certain path.

Understanding her unique personal style is one of her great strengths and in many of her readings metaphors are used. I find this useful as it’s a great way to allow the recipient to think about how this information is applied to oneself. 

Readings can be recorded and sent digitally afterwards. In the last 3 years I have transcribed my readings. I have found this immensely useful to look back on and to re-read the metaphors mentioned as a way of triggering my own knowing.”

"Sarah is a mature and sensitive healer. She unfolds the future gently yet firmly, telling only what one needs to know. Sarah sometimes sees danger and sometimes a happy future, but she always gives one the feeling of self worth, of being capable of handling whatever may occur. I have found Sarah's predictions to be accurate, uplifting and enlightening."

“For over seven years, when the need arises, I seek a tarot reading from Sarah J. Barry. I receive colourful insight, gentle care, practical help and a sense of visionary and artistic empowerment, to name just a few. Sarah has an extraordinary ability to listen and genuinely empathise. She conducts each reading with sensitivity and is clearly working with all that is present and now, a clean deck each reading.

She makes me laugh, she tells me stories and I consistently learn from the profound intelligence she works with and embodies. I appreciate what is said and quietly respect all that is not said, her ability to communicate is easeful and natural. I trust her heart and psychic ability completely and her distant readings wield just as much insight as one taking place in her physical presence.

Psychic Sarah’s Tarot…….a bright light that can shine into a dark corner, facilitating deep introspection, illuminating more clearly the infinite pieces to a jigsaw puzzle, and the empowerment to use ones own hand and place down yet another piece within the mystery. Phew, time then to get up, and to get on. I am so grateful for what she offers.”

“Dear Sarah, when having a tarot reading, I come armed with so many questions and confusions and I have already secretly formed answers in my mind. The incredible gift you bring to these moments of chaos is you disarm every preconceived story I have created in my mind. You challenge me to look at every situation from a new perspective and you provide unexpected joy by opening my soul to the wider universe and sometimes saying, let go.

I always leave feeling empowered and positive, even when I know there are challenges ahead, but the magic you weave is always helping me discover the parts of myself that will rise to the challenges. I also love that sometimes we just have a good belly laugh. It’s like catching up with a wise friend of tea and tarot. ”

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Prices for Face to Face readings (GST inclusive):

  • 30 minutes - $80
  • 45 minutes - $105
  • 60 minutes - $135

Prices for Online Tarot Readings can be found here.

If you wish, your session can be recorded digitally and emailed to you as an mp3 file later that day. This is included in the price of the reading. You are welcome to bring your own recording device.


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