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Purple Balance
You can learn how to connect with your babies needs via infant massage.

Purple Balance - Infant Massage

New mums!!! your baby needs you!

You can learn how to muscle test for your baby so see what is appropriate, learn to read your babies cues and enjoy one on one time. Your baby will be more relaxed, have better quality sleep and can be helped with colic symptoms - Helpfull in any household! Infant Massage can help with bonding with your baby, settling your baby,

Infant Massage is a loving exchange and release of energy / emotions between parent and infant

Learn the art of INFANT MASSAGE in your own home During the course you will learn about when is the best time to massage your baby, which oils are best for your baby, massage strokes to comfort and relax your baby, how to ease colic symptoms, to help energy flow while your baby is teething, crawling, standing, walking!

Book now for a 4 week course (1 hour per week) tailored to your needs and your babies needs. Fees are $120 per week or discounted to $100 per week if you pay upfront and in advance.

My mission

My aim is to connect families, one baby at a time with Infant Massage including some Kinesiology techniques. I aim to empower parents to trust their own intuition and to be able to resolve many concerns about their baby, by connecting to what their babies really want.

I enjoy teaching parents how to intuitively understand and connect with their babies needs and emotions.

If a parent feels that they need addition help, I would encourage them to book a one on one Kinesiology session with me to balance any emotions they need help with.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

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