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Tina Papas

Happy Little Souls (Inc Purple Balance)

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* Kinesiologist * Infant Massage Educator * Ear Candling* Tao Hands Practitioner

Happy Little Souls (Inc Purple Balance) Canterbury & Watsonia

Servicing area

Canterbury, Victoria

Focus areas

Headaches Negative emotions Anxiety Emotions Fear Stroke

Kinesiology helps to find 'why?'....

why is my energy low? why do I have this pain in my shoulder? why are my relationships not where I want them to be?

Using feedback from the body, our session will reveal the underlying emotion that is blocking you from healing, and show us how to correct it.

Let me help balance you to achieve the best out of life!
It would be a priviledge to help you reach your goal :)
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Kinesiology is a non invasive method of assessing your own innate healing ability.

Imbalances of energy can be in relation to spiritual, emotional, chemical, nutritional, structural or physical issues.

Kinesiolgy may assist with;


*Releasing Trauma - Including ancestral

*Anxiety / fears

*Emotional stress/pain

*Pain reduction

*Improved energy/motivation

*Sleeping patterns

*Limiting belief patterns

*Self worth/value

*Nutritional imbalances

*Skin issues

*General well-being

*Physical pain - sinus, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, migranes, any pain!!

*Clearing negative emotions

*Balancing your aura and chakras

*Clearing negative beliefs

*Clearing sabotage programs

Kinesiology is a non invasive method of assessing your own innate healing ability - Kinesiology may assist with; anxiety/fears, emotional stress/pain, pain reduction, improved energy, sleeping patterns, nutritional imbalances, general well being and headaches/migranes

Clients have reported improvement with; pain reduction, feeling more relaxed, peaceful, lighter, happier, more energy, moving forward from fear into trust, better digestion, better quality sleep, trusting intuition, feeling more capable and able to handle life with ease.

I really enjoy seeing clients one on one - I have been helping clients with their health for over 17 years and it is absolutely my honour to help and serve others - whislt I see clients face to face, I can also conduct remote sessions over the phone - as all evergy is connected

Sessions run for approx 1 hour, fee is $130 (valid as at March 2021)

Sessions avail Canterbury or Watsonia

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!
Tina;  0411 59 2266


3 Services

Kinesiology Consultation

$130 Per session

Face to face client consultation, muscle testing to determine where the stress is held in the body, then testing for the best corrections, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

Ear Candling

$70 Per session

A gentle, tradition method of assisting with removal of impurities in the ear, may help with balance and clearing sinus area - many have had improvements with hayfever symptoms too

Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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