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Imagine the convenience of your massage therapist coming to you at home bringing all that you need to enjoy your massage – no driving, no parking issues just a knock on your front door and your massage can begin.

Qi Rhythm Therapies - Massage

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Melbourne & surrounds, Victoria

Focus areas

Wellbeing Growth Pregnancy support Postnatal support Nurturing Joy

Pre and Post Natal massage have a number of different positive aspects for you and for your baby. Massage provides you with physical improvements and emotional relief. Body-work promotes soothing and invigorating properties that help to relieve the mother and then in turn the babies. Our practitioners are highly skilled and have many different techniques and styles they can call on to suit you.

    • Preconception Massage: Regular massage is a wonderful support to the body through this time of growth and change and a great way to compliment other preconception routines and treatments, such as Chinese medicine, acupuncture and IVF programs.

    • Pregnancy Massage: Massage helps to relax and strengthen the body, relieving tension and soreness and helping to support, balance and stabilise.

    • Induction Massage: Throughout this treatment our therapists will work with acupressure points to promote energy and activity. The points help to bring the mother into her body and the baby into a favourable position for birth.

    • Postnatal Massage: While it is common for women to focus on looking after their bodies during pregnancy, it is also important to understand that the pressure the body is under postnatally is huge and deserves care and attention.

    • Infant Massage Classes: The experience of a gentle and loving touch is central to building a safe and nurturing relationship between parents and their babies.

    • Post Caesarean Massage: Massage is a great way to help your body to recover and rest. After having a caesarean it takes time for the body to repair and regain strength.

    • Partners Massage: It can be challenging to find the time and space there once was to look after yourself and those around you. Building a network of support around you and your family can be helpful.

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