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Quantum Healing by Di Ellis

Dianne Ellis

Melbourne VIC 3000

Servicing area: Melbourne, Gold Coast & Online

Quantum Healing by Di Ellis

Reach optimum health and wellness
Powerful tools for self heaing and empowerment

Quantum Healing Practitioner, Health & Happiness Clinic

About Dianne Ellis

Bringing a wealth of first hand experience to my work, I'm a Practitioner of Genome Healing and Breathwork, and a PSYCH-K facilitator.

My aim is to assist you to clear the underlying cause of your concerns as easily as possible. Depending on each individual, this may be a quick process or it may take time. Either way, I will give you powerful tools for self healing and empowerment so you can take charge of your own health and wellbeing.

I have encountered and seen remarkable results with solid methods of mind/body healing that can only be characterised as miraculous. I share all the simple but powerful techniques and therapies I have used to enable the self-healing mechanisms of our body and to live a life of optimum health and vitality.

Being passionate about sharing the incredible healing experiences  I've had I was a radio host of “The Healing Hour" TLC FM 100.3 for 6 years. I was a home-birth, home-school and home-remedies mum to two wonderful girls who are now strong healthy young women.

I have endured anxiety, depression and numerous severe and chronic illnesses, and due to my unwavering search for understanding of the relationship between mind, body, soul and spirit, have provided great opportunities of learning and acquired wisdom. I certainly would have preferred an easier course of study but I can now empathise with people who are stuggling to the deepest level and have powerful tools to assist.

Cellular Level Healing 

My recollections of my adoptive mother in the hospital just before she died had a major effect on my life. It disturbs me when I see unwell people and I know that good health and a happy heart are without any doubt the most important things in life.

When I became seriously ill with Lyme disease and a significant cancer risk, my ill-health took me to an entirely new and even deeper level of healing. Rather than putting up with the symptoms I had previously struggled through, now each day was unbearable. As my health improved I was surprised at just how much it was improving. I became aware of the incredible healing ability our bodies have. Then I didn’t want to just get well, I wanted to be thriving and vibrant, for myself and my children. Now, to be strong and healthy is blissful.

Welcoming Love Back Into My Life 

I thought my life was over a couple of years ago. Every day, I had been in pain. I lost nearly everything I had worked for and dedicated my life to. I had completely given up on love. That was until one Genome Healing process.

I had never met my birth father, and somehow I knew it was holding me back from having a relationship. The relationship balance process itself was deeply transformative, but the way my entire life changed in the coming months was incredible. The most amazing, kind and caring people came into my life. I found myself bathed in love in a way I had never felt before.

My book 'Quantum Health ... My Journey back from Lyme, Cancer and Chronic Illness' is a memoir of all the struggles and wonderful healing adventures I have been through to reach optimum health and happiness.

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Qualification Details

Certificate 4 Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery 2012 (AQF)
PSYCH-K facilitator, 2015
Basic, advanced and Health and Wellness training
Genome Healing practitioner, 2017
Basic, advanced and master class

Under a Moonlit Night