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Quantum Healing by Di Ellis

Dianne Ellis

Melbourne VIC 3000

Servicing area: Gold Coast, Tweed Heads, Melbourne & Online

Quantum Healing by Di Ellis

Experience the most powerful techniques to enable the self-healing processes of your body, mind, and spirit.

Quantum Healing (Genome Healing, Psych-K, Breathwork)

Having overcome life-threatening chronic illness and deep trauma, in her work Dianne uses the most powerful and effective methods she has found during the past 30 years.

Genome Healing, Breathwork, and PSYCH-K are gentle strategies that yield excellent outcomes. Recognise and release the underlying causes of physical and emotional dis-ease and regain optimum health and wellness.

Quantum Healing Of The Body At The Cellular Level 

Genome Healing

A practice that gives a voice to your genes, organs, and all systems of your body. Powerful but very gentle quantum healing methods allow deep transformation back to the optimum working blueprint at a cellular level.

German New Medicine has shown that cancer and many diseases are directly related to emotional trauma or upsets. These simple yet powerful approaches take us straight to the emotions held in the organs, cells etc to transform negative thoughts, beliefs and memories.

The Genome trauma release process can remove many traumas at once, without going into the story, by releasing the underlying pattern of these events.

Breathwork & Session  

Using simple breathwork techniques we release the energetic charge or memory of any physical or emotional trauma and unlock blocked energy in the body.

Create balance and harmony within. Enhance sporting performance, reach deep levels of peace and oneness. inner wisdom so that you can make the right decisions

  • Access inner wisdom
  • Synchronize the heart, brain, hormonal, nervous and immune systems
  • Enhance freedom of energy movement across the body
  • Increase bliss and sensuality

PSYCH-K & Session 

Simple yet effective techniqes to transform our subconscious thoughts and beliefs which may have developed not only when we were children, but also in the womb.

Request a booking and transform your thoughts in the most surprising and remarkable way.

Cert 4 Breathwork PSYCH-K Basic PSYCH-K Advanced PSYCH-K Health and Wellness Genome Healing Basic Genome Healing Advanced Genome Healing Master

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