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Hypnotix Workx

Want to cease smoking, lose weight, escape crippling addictions, transform your life through healing of past memories, grief and trauma? Suffering from chronic pain, eating disorders, phobias, insomnia, stress, anxiety or depression? Aiming to improve performance academically or in the sporting field or experiencing creativity block? Interested in exploring age or past life regression? Through hypnosis I can help in all these areas. 

$110 (for a one hour session), $80 (pensioners, social security recipients) After the first half hour I let you know if you are suitable for hypnotherapy. If not, no charge, no obligation.

Hypnotix Workx




Hypnosis has long being used in healing and wholeness. Most of us will be aware of how in many traditional societies trance states are widely used for healing and behavioural transformation. In the West both the ancient Egyptians and Greeks used forms of hypnosis while of course we are all familiar with the widespread use of trance states in the East.<color#2a72b6>By entering into trance states traditional cultures were able to contact the gods, effect healing and maintain states of wholeness both in their being and the wider community. This art is largely lost in the West and so we marvel at the control of the Yogi, the experience of the ecstatic and the depth penetration to the divine of the Shaman.

By the use of hypnosis it is possible for the vast majority of people to experience some of these states. Sadly the reputation of hypnosis has suffered at the hands of some less reputable stage hypnotists. The hypnosis they induce is real and if done tastefully for entertainment has its place. Hypnosis, however is far more than that!

The term 'hypnosis' is derived from the Greek term ‘hypnos’ meaning sleep. Modern hypnosis emerged in the West with Anton Mesmer who mistakenly believed that our bodies contained magnetic energy and illness was a result of a disruption of this magnet energy between its positive and negative poles. He aimed to heal this by passing magnets along the body which induced a hypnotic trance but not for the reason he supposed. We still speak of course of ‘mesmerism’ and ‘animal magnetism.’

Modern hypnotherapy has come a long way from those early experiments to become a highly effective form of healing and behavioural transformation. Its effect is deep, powerful and long-lasting. It works by reaching into those deepest recesses of your mind which so influence your sense of self and well-being. In by-passing the conscious critical faculty which so often blocks that healing you so want hypnotherapy is able to directly access those often unconscious depths to bring the desired result.

Unlock the power of your own mind to bring the healing you want. <color#2a72b6>Hypnotherapy can be the key.

The following are all areas in which hypnotherapy can be used with powerful effect:


    • Ceasing smoking


    • Weight loss and Eating disorders


    • Chronic Pain relief


    • Addictions


    • Anxiety and Depression


    • Grief and Stress


    • Insomnia


    • Healing of past memories


    • Phobias


    • Creativity block


    • Sporting performance


    • Exam nerves


    • Anger management


    • Past life regression



<color#2a72b6>JOHN QUERIPEL B.A. B.D. M. Th. Dip. Ed

John Queripel has over 25 years experience in the field of hypnotherapy and has also taught hypnosis, including self-hypnosis, over that same period.

John holds an under-graduate bachelors degree, a post-graduate bachelors degree, a masters degree (with merit) and diploma of education. His areas of study include psychology and psychotherapy.

John is also a published writer, singer-songwriter whose music has been heard on air right across Australia, a poet, visual artist and avid reader on an extensive range of topics.

He also likes to get out in the waves, with only moderate success, on his Malibu when he gets the opportunity.




There are many benefits for you to gain from hypnotherapy. <color#2a72b6>Hypnotherapy is effective, non-invasive and powerful. In by-passing the censoring critical faculty which so often blocks healing and positive behaviour change hypnotherapy has the ability to transform your life enabling you to leave past negative behaviours and addictions behind and become the new person you so aspire to be. Hypnosis works by engaging the imagination and working with that. You may have seen that in one of those stage shows where the imagination of the subjects (sometimes victims) is increasingly engaged to the point where they will imagine anything the hypnotist says. Yes, they do believe they are chasing (non-existent) fairies around with a (non-existent) net. Suffice to say, I won't be doing that. The depth of that trance state and its ability to take hold totally of the imagination however, shows just how powerful hypnosis can be.


Hypnosis also has the means of leaving you with the means of self-treatment. This done through self-hypnosis. I will teach you this powerful means of personal transformation. You will take that tool with you to use however often you want for however long you want.


An increasing number of people are wanting assistance in discovering and walking the spiritual path. This may be anything from working with factors blocking your spiritual energy flow through to past life regression. Even the ecstatic energy that many seek in drugs is available through hypnosis with of course no negative side-effects, legal, and at a much cheaper price!


Hypnosis is so easy to learn and has so many uses both on yourself and with others. Why not join my next 'Learn Hypnosis' class? The one day course is just $100. The value you will derive from it is way beyond the cost! What you will learn. After an introduction to the history of the subject, we explore some of the different methods of induction, how to deepen a hypnotic trance, the difference between passive and active hypnosis, how to establish a post-hypnotic trigger, what can be done with hypnosis. You will experience a wide range of the incredible phenomena which can be done with hypnosis. Some of this can be great fun as well as amazing, though never embarrassing. You will also learn the skill of self-hypnosis and taught how to use that at ever deeper levels. 



Be free from this expensive and unhealthy habit. Add years to your life. Quickly feel improved health benefits in your life. Nicotine will be safely eliminated from your body and you will even develop a distaste for tobacco.


Watch yourself find the weight stripping away effortlessly as you become motivated to eat more healthily avoiding those foods that pack on the kilos. Feel the increase in self-esteem as your weight decreases and you move toward your goal of a healthy slim body.


Free happy and relaxed free from tension and anxiety. Enjoy peace and harmony in your life, confident that you can achieve your goals. Experience your inner joy and release your creative energies.


Develop the 'steel trap' mind you have always wanted. Remember with clarity lectures and those things you have read. Develop a better memory and be free of that curse of those constricting exam nerves.



Nearly everyone is able to experience hypnosis. Contrary to popular opinion will-power has very little to do with it, although it is unlikely that you will be hypnotised if you are determined not to be. The best indicator of your ability to enter a hypnotic state is your imagination. Now that doesn’t mean you need to be an artist, poet or great writer but rather you have the capacity to imagine or daydream. If you can really get into a film you are watching or a book you are reading then you are imaginative. One question I usually ask people is, ‘when you drive do you arrive at a place and think, I must have passed that particular landmark or gone through that round-a-bout, and yet I can’t remember it.’ If the answer is yes that usually is a fair indicator that you are able to enter into a type of trance state. This doesn’t mean we are unaware but rather that still being highly aware we are able to enter a trance state. Again contrary to popular opinion hypnosis is not being placed into a stupefied state but rather a state of heightened awareness.

The depth of the hypnotic state varies. There are all sort of reasons for this. These can vary from a subject’s susceptibility, the rapport established between the hypnotist and the subject, the type of induction method used by the hypnotist and probably a hundred other little understood reasons as in the general case why we are attracted to some and not others. The method of moving people into a deeper hypnotic state is one of assisting them to unleash their imaginations. You may have seen this in a hypnosis stage show where the hypnotist will ever more deeply engage with the subjects by having them do things which show that the imagination is being ever more deeply engaged. In the end the subjects believe to be true, whatever the hypnotist suggests.

For effective therapeutic work the imagination needs to be engaged in the sense that you can truly imagine and feel it is true in a deep way that you no longer are a smoker or that you no longer are attracted to overeating unhealthy food etc. You do not however necessarily need to enter the deepest of hypnotic states. Effective therapeutic work can be carried out when a person is in a medium or even light hypnotic state.

For your interest I have included one of the most widely known scales of hypnotic depth and the phenomena associated with those levels of depth. 


HYPNOIDAL 1 Physical Relaxation 2 Drowsiness apparent 3 Fluttering of eyelids 4 Closing of eyes 5 Mental relaxation, partial lethargy of mind 6 Heaviness of limbs. 

LIGHT TRANCE 7 Catalepsy of eyes 8 Partial limb catalepsy 9 Inhibition of small muscle groups 10 Slower and deeper breathing, slower pulse 11 Strong lassitude (disinclination to move, speak, think, or act) 12 Twitching of mouth or jaw 13 Rapport between subject and operator 14 Simple posthypnotic suggestions heeded 15 Involuntary start or eye twitch on awakening 16 Personality changes 17 Feeling of heaviness throughout entire body 18 Partial feeling of detachment.

MEDIUM TRANCE 19 Recognition of trance (difficult to describe but definitely felt) 20 Complete muscular inhibitions (kinaesthetic delusions) 21 Partial amnesia 22 Glove anaesthesia 23 Tactile illusions 24 Gustatory illusions 25 Olfactory illusions 26 Hyper acuity to atmospheric conditions 27 Complete catalepsy of limbs or body.

DEEP OR SOMNAMBULISTIC TRANCE 28 Ability to open eyes without affecting trance 29 Fixed stare when eyes are open; pupillary dilation 30 Somnambulism 31 Complete amnesia 32 Systematised posthypnotic amnesia 33 Complete anaesthesia 34 Posthypnotic anaesthesia 35 Bizarre posthypnotic suggestions heeded 36 Uncontrolled movements of eyeballs 37 Sensation of lightness, floating, swinging, of being bloated or swollen, detached feeling 38 Rigidity and lag in muscular movements and reactions 39 Operator’s voice seems like a radio station fading in and out. 40 Control of organic body functions (heart beat, blood pressure, digestion, etc.) 41 Recall of lost memories (hyperamnesia) 42 Age regression 43 Posthypnotic positive visual hallucinations 44 Posthypnotic negative visual hallucinations 45 Posthypnotic positive auditory hallucinations 46 Posthypnotic negative auditory hallucinations 47 Stimulation of dreams (in trance or posthypnotic in natural sleep) 48 Hyperaesthesia 49 Colour sensations experienced 50 Stuporous condition in which all spontaneous activity is inhibited. 

Lecron-Bordeaux System for indicating depth of Hypnosis. Lecron L. and Bordeaux J. Hypnotism Today. New York: Grune and Statton. pp 64-67.


Cost and Benefits


$110 per one hour session. ($80 for pensioners and social security recipients).

The number of sessions needed varies with each person but I will give you an honest estimate after a free, no obligation, initial 30 minute first session.

On average three sessions are needed to ensure lasting change..


The healing, wholeness and transformation of behaviour to which you aspire. 

Qualification Details

B.A. (Macquarie University), B.D. (University of Sydney), M.Th. (with merit) (University of Sydney), Dip. Ed. (University of N.S.W.)

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