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Radiant Yoga

Bronwyn Windell

This practitioner is currently unavailable.

Do you want to feel better and have more energy?

Radiant Yoga - Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is for everyone!

Yoga is not just a physical exercise it is a lifestyle, you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. Yoga is suitable for all ages, all size and shapes.

I teach small groups which helps me adapt each class to suit the individuals needs.

The maximum amount of students per class is 8 which gives the class a warm and friendly, light hearted atmosphere.

As things are in a constant state of change and we are faced with many life challenges, be it in our careers, dealing with health issues, emotional issues in our busy lives as well as the stresses we face having to juggle family and work, the practice of yoga helps us to adapt.

Using the skills you learn through the practices of yoga such as breathing (pranayama), yoga postures, relaxation and meditation, helps to deal with these challenges.

I encourage students to be aware of what’s happening in their lives and to adapt their yoga practice to suit the stage of life they are at right now.


Starting with breath and body awareness, warms ups, then more challenging postures, ending the class with relaxation meditation, which is the most important part of the practice.

This is the time when integration of the yoga practice takes place.

We use props where necessary to facilitate those recovering from injury or rehabilitating after an illness or those just needing a more gentler practice.


I also incorporate a restorative class into my schedule once a month which is very beneficial, as with the aid of props allows you to stay in the poses for a longer period, where you are able to experience deep relaxation and inner stillness.

Regular* scheduled Yoga Classes are held on:

Monday : 5.00pm -6.30pm
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: closed
Friday: 9.30am-11.00am

Cost:Cost: $18.00 per class on a monthly basis
Or casual $22.00 per class

**NOTE: I recommend beginner students when first attending a class to have a private one on one session.. Private Yoga Therapy: $80.00 a session**

  • Overall health and wellbeing
  • Helps with anxiety
  • Improves focus
  • Back problems
  • Stress relief
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Menopause
  • Diabetes
  • Trauma

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Do you want to feel better and have more energy?

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Do you want to feel better and have more energy?

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