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Rainbows-n-Angels Healing Centre

Nurturing Love Stress management ...
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We All Have A Story Worth Telling, However, Our Story Doesn't Has To Define Who We Are. We Are Defined By Our Thoughts And Feelings.

Rainbows-n-Angels Healing Centre - Reiki & Colour Therapy


$90 Please allow approx. 1hr

Reiki is a universal energy. The Reiki practitioner will place her hands on 4 areas of the head (front and back) and the torso (front and back). The practitioner is attuned to the energy. The client will feel deeply relaxed during the treatment. Benefits of Reiki are general well-being, feeling more energised, can be of benefit for almost all conditions. Meaning, will aid in the slowing down of the process of conditions. Reiki is wonderful for everyone and anyone with any condition etc. This WILL NOT REPLACE ANY MEDICAL ADVICE OR CURE ANYONE OF WHAT EVER CONDITION THEY MAY HAVE. SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE BEFORE UNDERGOING ANY TREATMENT.

Aura- Soma Colour Consultations

$100 Please allow anywhere from 1.5hrs to 3hrs


Aura-Soma colour care system allows the client to see, through colour, aspects of themselves and areas of their lives that need nurturing and healing. Things, the client themselves wouldn't be aware of in some cases. The Aura-Soma equilibrium bottles are the windows to the soul and they reflect the story of the client's life through colour. The client will gain a deep understanding of circumstances in their lives, they will understand themselves and why things happen the way they do, have direction and possibly even making decisions. I like to call these bottles "bottles of magic" because when the client purchases a bottle from the consultation to take home and use, magic really does happen.

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About Rainbows-n-Angels Healing Centre

We all have a story worth telling, however, our story doesn't has to define who we are. We are defined by our thoughts and feelings.

Rainbows-n-Angels Healing Centre - Massage, Lymphatic Drainage & Reflexology

I love what I do and this reflects in the results with my clients. "If you love what you do, you won't work a single day in your life".

Rainbows-n-Angels Healing Centre - Workshop

We meditate to enable a healing and a connection to our light body. When we find peace within, there will be peace in our world.

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