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Real Food Real Weightloss

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Real Food Real Weightloss

Real Food Real Weightloss

The Practitioners and staff at Cassia Wellness Clinic have researched a revolutionary medically based 6 week Rapid Weight Loss Program that works with your body's hormones and metabolism.

Best of all, you eat real food, not shakes and you only need to walk for 20 minutes a day for exercise! No surgery and no starvation diet.

This highly successful weight loss program incorporates a nasal spray (a sugar and protein molecule - mostly found in pregnant women) to release the abnormal fats, especially those fat deposits around the abdominal area, to be used as fuel for the body. Using the nasal spray in conjunction with a very low calorie diet will allow for rapid weight loss.

When the program is followed correctly, the nasal spray assists the Hypothalamus to reset the body's metabolism ensuring that when you return to a normal healthy eating program, the weight you have lost stays off!

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