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May 2019

Recharge Kinesiology

Phone 0421 222 988
Address Noble Park North VIC 3174

"I'm on a mission to help you achieve your true potential!"

Recharge Kinesiology


The first time I experienced Kinesiology I knew I had found something special. I was amazed at everything the Kinesiologist could pick up about me from just a few muscle tests. After a few sessions the digestive problems and self esteem issues I was battling with cleared and it was from this moment that I realised the power of this modality. I enrolled to study a Diploma in Kinesiology as it truely had such a profound impact on my life.

As a practitioner my passion is to empower and motivate you to reach your true potential. During a Kinesiology balance I will educate you on how your mind, body and soul integrate and how your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviours and emotions affect your entire body and wellbeing. 

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Recharge Kinesiology Kinesiology helps to clear blocks, release unhelpful patterns & helps you connect to your own power and inner knowing.

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