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Regin Le Faye - Psychic Medium and Healer

Regin Le Faye

St Kilda VIC 3185

Servicing area: St Kilda VIC & online via Skype consultations

Regin Le Faye - Psychic Medium and Healer

Many of Regin’s clients define their first platform as a fantastic experience that transforms lives, and we hope that this is going to be for you too.

Spot Reading & Subscription, Spiritual Healing & Absent Healing

Spot Reading Subscription 

This Monthly Psychic Spot Reading Subscription I've created to help you as you get to read it for 10 minutes every month to keep your life on track.

This is very much enjoyed by busy people who feel like they would like a monthly talk for regular guidance and support.

The Value of Subscription 

You are more structured for a subscription. When you encounter challenges in your life, the best way to deal with them is through a constant method. 

I use my expertise in psychic and mediumship to assist you with a single question and dilemma, and we work without interruption within those 10 minutes. It is incredible how successful it can be achieved.

You will be able to contact me once or twice a month with the subscription as a PRIORITY.

Spot Reading Subscription - Super Value

(A 10 min Spot Reading once or twice a month to keep you on track)

  • Priority - you get in as early as possible (within the hour often) 
  • Special focus on one question 
  • Available in person or over the phone/Skype 
  • Deep insight into your single issue or problem 
  • Mediumship Connection with loved ones and guides in the spirit world 
  • Accurate psychic predictions about your future 
  • Regin can give you a strategy to dramatically improve the way your life works and maximise your happiness


Power Session
  • Fast and accurate psychic phone reading in 20 minutes
  • Critical questions answered quickly 
  • Great for when you don’t have much time 
  • Also available as a 5 pack
Advanced Session
  • Highly accurate phone or studio psychic/mediumship reading for 30 minutes 
  • More time to find out information from the Spirit
  • A more relaxed approach with additional detail
  • Detailed predictions and counsel for the future
Main Reading
  • All your questions answered during a 40-minute session 
  • Available in person or through phone/Skype 
  • Deep psychic insight into your belief systems and traumas
  • Psychic Medium connection to loved ones and guidance 
  • Accurate predictions and your future 
Total Awareness Hour
  • This is really a life-changing experience in 1 hour 
  • All your questions answered, available in person or through phone/Skype 
  • Deep psychic insight into your belief systems and traumas
  • Psychic Medium connection to loved ones and guidance
  • Accurate predictions and your future 
  • Creation of a healing program 


Spiritual Healing

(Releasing trauma, depression, negativity and anxiety. Creating your new reality and overcoming blocks)

  • Healing by shifting and transforming your energy to a higher frequency 
  • Facilitation of your journey to connect your body, heart and mind in order to free your soul
  • The teachings of the Law of Attraction, Metapsychics, and how to create your desired reality 
  • Available in person or as a combination of Absent Healing through phone/Skype 

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